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ROX and middle age




Title: ROX and middle age
Type: review
Date: July 21st, 2006

Rev. Schnell:
As we Gen-Xers enter our 40's it will interesting to watch the transformation. The dissonance that will haunt us as we attempt to remain irreverent,witty,left wing and anti-establishment. All the while the strong forces that will pull us to the right. It is inevitable, it will happen to the best of us. Our sacred left wing beliefs and positions, many will become an embarassment to us. Many of us will feel the tug of the “religious instinct,” others will become outright reactionary fascists, loudly disclaiming our earlier looney left positions. Even our most esteemed editor b will no longer want to cling to streaking across the Indiana University campus as the highlight of his life. The guts will start to protrude and the asses will grow wider. Bragging about drinking and drugging to excess will no longer have its appeal as we enter the old age of youth (40) and race towards the youth of old age (50).

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Editor's Note: The views expressed by Rev. Schnell are opposed by just about everyone involved with ROX.

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Created: July 21st, 2006
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