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Title: (I) Love Liza
Type: review
Date: February 27th, 2006

Joe M. Ma:
Her comment about Terry's “It's a man's party” phrase certainly rings true with me, too. I can hear it in my head often (get out of there, Terry).

I frequently spout that phrase when it's most appropriate (such as discussions about relationships during intense moments of male bonding over beers and whiskeys [similar to the theme of the show, of course]).

Unfortunately, only people around me that I've turned onto Rox ever get it, so it ends up being akin to a Beastie Boys song lyric; one big inside joke that perhaps only a handful of people near me would ever understand.

Other catchphrases that stuck with me from Rox over the years:
- “This is REAL television.”
- “I would pronounce that as distinctly potable”.

Bart's diatribes are usually too long to memorize and use as catch phrases, however his monologues are always the stuff of epiphany.

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Created: February 27th, 2006
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