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Eat my crotch, you sanctimonious bastard!



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Title: Eat my crotch, you sanctimonious bastard!
Type: review
Date: September 10th, 2005

W. Owen:
I showed this one to a friend of mine back around '93 shortly after it had first aired. The only ROX he's ever seen is this + the Sonic Rocker Immolation scene from ROX #3, and consequently, he's convinced to this day that the show is nothing but a ridiculous lowbrow waste of time.

Which it may very well be, of course, but this episode makes it really easy for an outsider to get that impression just the same.

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Seasoned B
Editor B appeared in the short film, "Seasons in the Sun," by Scott Fredette.

Massive Tool
We thought it was blatantly obvious that this guy was stroking a dildo, not a real penis. But the TV station didn't see it that way...

Perhaps the cheesiest grin yet from a man who is known for his cheesy grins.

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Created: September 10th, 2005
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