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Title: Rainy Little Day
Type: production note
Date: June 28th, 2005


ROX #91 uses Rainy Little Day during some footage of B's neighborhood during the Tropical Storm Isidore.

The recording of the song was made in Indianapolis at Queen Size Studios with Vess Ruhtenburg acting as engineer. At this time I had already moved to New Orleans but had gone back for the Indy 500 (2002) before starting my new job and squeezed out four tracks of all-analog.

The drummer is Jason Cavan of Marmoset, Drunko, You Will Die, and I guess he is still playing with Great Big Huge. He also played in my short lived project in Indy called So Sha Do.

Heidi Gluck is doing the backup vocals although on this session she also played lots of cool slide guitar. She was also in the Pieces and Some Girls, now she's in Canada, probably playing Scrabble.

I wrote the song maybe in 2000 sitting at Bite on Western Ave in Chicago. I was on my bike and waiting for the rain to stop so I could go the rest of the way to work. The job really sucked, and I remembered a fond memory of the past that made me feel good.

Here's the lyrics, use it anytime...

It's a Rainy Little Day 
Don't it make you want to play?
Don't it wash the shit off the street?
And then yr mind can slip away
To the time it was me and you 
Soaked to the bone and skin showing through
We laughed all the way home
Then I took off all my clothes
And blew your little nose
We cuddled in your bed 
talking about the dead
It was funny how the time slipped away

Here I sit like the king of the road
My head is pounding and it may explode
My heart beats faster and I'm thinking of you
Thinking about all the beats we could do
Volvos Hondas and Subarus

On a Rainy Little Day 
Don't it make you want to play?
Don't it wash the shit off the street?
Then your mind could slip away
On a Rainy Little Day.

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Created: June 28th, 2005
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