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El Jefe

Title: Disconnect
Type: production note
Date: September 11th, 2004

I first met Jeph, a.k.a. El Jefe, when we were shooting for ROX #85. He worked at InterSource, the ISP that hosted for its first years. We thought it would be interesting and demystifying to show the actual machine that was hosting our website, so Jeph gave Xy and me a tour of the facility. He showed us a bank of modems, or something, and explained that each green LED represented a customer who had dialed in and was connected to the Internet. Then, with the camera rolling, and for no discernible reason, Jeph disconnected one of the modems. Somewhere in Bloomington (or Bedford?) someone mysteriously lost their Internet connection.

I thought that was really weird.

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Created: September 11th, 2004
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