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Title: disappointed
Type: review
Date: March 31st, 2004

Nate Johnson:
I am extremely disappointed that the coverage of the first critical mass bike ride included in ROX #64 neglected to include any shots of ME even though I was there. Now I'm stuck with none of the kids thinking that I am cool. The reason why this is a problem for me is because yesterday I heard a so-called “anarchist” interviewed on WFHB's daily local news, who made this erroneous claim:

“Really modern anarchism made its big public debut at the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle.”

...Geez. I was freaking smashing the state before that child had hair one between his legs, but can I prove it with ROX #64? Nooooooo! Thanks a lot guys! :-( I definitely need a consolation prize here. Don't you have tee-shirts or something?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that there was plenty of hostility at critical mass #1 --and you wouldn't get that from ROX #64! A buddy of mine got maced in the face by a motorist who was angry at us for blocking traffic.

Maybe you should go back and revise ROX #64. I'm a firm believer in revisions. You know Igor Stravinsky was a firm believer in revisions.

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Created: March 31st, 2004
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