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Title: And thank you for abusing AT&T...
Type: production note
Date: August 11th, 2003

W. Owen:
I'm still prouder of this one than any other of my scant ROX credits (not difficult, actually). Still especially loving the fact that this entire endeavor came about in the first place because of some dipshit griping about the presentation of an extralegal act on the of course Our Funky Young Media Icons respond by doing a show about it, which we end up capping off by committing yet ANOTHER unsavory and antisocial act. As B put it at the time, that had a whole lot more to do with flipping the bird at the Man than with any sort of bona fide anarchism, but it made for cool outlaw television just the same.

Okay, so nowadays I admit to being just a little bit embarrassed these days about former police chief Steve Sharp having since been elected Monroe County Sheriff not once but twice (the more so since I worked at the print shop that did his campaign flyers the first time around, and was largely involved in the composition thereof).

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Created: August 11th, 2003
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