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Upstairs Downstairs




Title: Upstairs Downstairs
Type: production note
Date: August 8th, 2003

Yes, the Attic, which billed itself as “Bloomington's Only Speakeasy” but is certainly now defunct, was actually located in a basement. Clever, eh? J & I were invited to the grand opening as “masters of ceremonies,” as seen in ROX #28. But the truth is there was very little ceremony involved. That's because, as Tony liked to say, at the Attic “the booze is always free and the thrills come just as cheap.”

Funny thing — it was right across the street from the house where XY was living at the time. We stopped in at her place and had a beer with our entourage, then walked across the street to the big party. I cut the video to obscure the location, cuz we were worried these guys might get busted. Speakeasies are illegal, y'know.

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Created: August 8th, 2003
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