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Title: Venturing Forth
Type: production note
Date: August 4th, 2003

ROX first ventured forth from the city limits of Bloomington in ROX #30. That's when J roadtripped down to Lexington, Kentucky, to visit his brother Alan, a.k.a. Anal, who also paid us a visit in Bloomington. That's why we called the show “Funky Young Siblings of the Midwestern Hemisphere.”

In this episode, amidst tattooing and head-shaving, J agonizes at length about what it means to drink “responsibly.” These musings were prompted by a stern reproach from our mutually beloved anthropology professor, Dr. Martha “Bonnie” Kendall. Our public image as degenerate drunkards had crystallized by this point, and we were feeling a little defensive.

I didn't go to Lexington with J. Instead, Xy and I visited one of the local quarries. I believe this was the first of Xy's tour guide segments. She was actually working as a tour guide at the HT at the time, so it seemed like a natural.

She and I had an amorous encounter there amongst the limestone pits, which we also videotaped. That did not make it on television, however. So you see, we did have some sense of modesty after all.

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