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The Summer of Family Values



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Title: The Summer of Family Values
Type: production note
Date: July 23rd, 2003

The term “family values” was getting a lot of play in the media in the summer of 1992, after Dan Quayle made his famous Murphy Brown speech. John Byers, a local firebrand who worked at the public access television station in Bloomington where ROX first aired, suggested that we do a show on this theme.

And we did. This was the first episode we shot in the attic of our new digs, 521 N. Washington. It was a little hot up there in August, but we would return to the attic for about five more shows in the fall.

MF ran the camera for us. I think she was still staying with us at that time.

There are a few elements of this show that are not properly credited. The breast pump video was dumpstered by Mr. G. The “Family Values Explained” dialog, which may appear to be spontaneous, was actually a reading from Matt Groening's Life in Hell comic strip.

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