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Title: being prepared
Type: review
Date: June 25th, 2003

This episode bills itself as a tequila special, and yet the hosts are running low on tequila.

This is another long episode. A featured player is “cosmic rocker” (whose true identity is the “sonic rocker”), one of those little dolls on a stand that moves in response to noise.

There's a lot of yammering I'm not remembering very well right now.

The show ends by facing the existential question (I've only seen a similar moment on “Seinfeld”). They decide that death would be too good a fate for having inflicted the first 2 episodes on an unsuspecting public. Fortunately for them, Cosmic “Christ-symbol” Rocker takes the weight of their sin by being immolated with the help of some lighter fluid and a match, as the two sinners chant.

The funniest moment is when the oblivious duo realize that burning plastic in a confined space is not a good idea. What fools be these?

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Created: June 25th, 2003
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