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Title: why goodbye?
Type: review
Date: June 23rd, 2003

She's going to the University of Arizona in Tuscon to study sociology.

Features Converse Corner and a rant against Nike and Michael Jordan.

At the beginning, J says the show is a farewell in 2 ways, but only mentions Kris's departure. As often happens, his train of thought derails before he reaches the next station.

J rants about the worthlessness of a metal sculpture planted in a field by itself (which happened to be the subject of this episode's art video, what a pun).

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This Is Fucked Up
J rants about the inequities of global capitalism.

We don't wear Nike. We don't wear Reebok. Only Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, baby.

Converse Corner
B welcomes the viewers to Converse Corner.

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