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Title: cliffhanger
Type: review
Date: June 20th, 2003

An unbelievable 40 minutes.

Really, it's unbelievable that this show is 40+ minutes long. Apparently B learned that less is more only with practice.

B thinks Yukon Jack sucks wet farts out of dead pigeons (I'm paraphrasing here), while J sucks his concoctions right down. We get to hear accounts of their first sexual experiences. This is probably when XY started thinking, “I've gotta get me some of that” from afar.

And I have no idea what's going to happen to the egg. I also have no idea what they put in that condom. I can only hope it was mayonaise or sour cream or salad dressing of some kind. They did look pretty drunk, so you just don't know.

B also initiates a layman's discussion of chaos theory. This is precisely the kind of drunken bullshitting that you would expect from geeks. Except B has prepared a visual aid. Indeed, much like meals on wheels, what purpose can all this serve except to give recluses a taste of the geeky party life are missing out on.

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Conception Corner
B slices open a loaded condom over a jar with an egg in it as part of science experiment that ultimately failed.

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Created: June 20th, 2003
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