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Title: Welcome to Bloomington!
Type: review
Date: June 15th, 2003

I moved into Bloomington on a Tuesday. That night I was flipping channels and what did I see but a guy in a Cat in the Hat hat smoking a spliff.

I knew immediately my new town understood the value of free speech.

After the initial shock, the best part of the show is the interview with Steve Sharp juxtaposed with T-Black's reading of stock legal advice. Brilliant.

Most of the rest of the show is a pot-influenced excursion into the outdoors. I suppose it serves its purpose, but it's not great material. The highlights are Qernie appearances and XY's theory of the criminalization of marijuana.

Media for Welcome to Bloomington!:
Pix for Welcome to Bloomington!:
J examines a bud. This photograph by Kevin Stuart originally appeared in the Indiana Daily Student.

Jenny B, J&B, TBlack
Clockwise from upper left: Jenny B holds an umbrella over J's head while TBlack pretends to smoke through the arm of a recliner and Editor B videotapes it all. (Photo by Kevin Stuart for the IDS.)

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