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Title: Don't try this at home
Type: review
Date: June 15th, 2003

I made the foolish mistake of emulating J&B's behaviour in this episode.
To this day, the smell of raw garlic still makes my stomach feel full of fiery holes.
I haven't seen this episode in a long time, so I'm wondering whether Woody's breakdown was because of B's barrage of questions or the fact that B had been chewing raw garlic all day.

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B chomps down on a fresh, juicy bud of raw garlic.

Woody Burton, State Representative
We interviewed Representative Woody Burton in his home in Greenwood, Indiana. He was sponsoring a bill to impose a mandatory minimum sentence on people having sex in parks. We thought that was horseshit.

Woody Cry?
Woody looks as if he's about to crack under B's relentless barrage of interview questions.

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Created: June 15th, 2003
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