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In Which J&B Relish Their Outlaw Status



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Title: In Which J&B Relish Their Outlaw Status
Type: production note
Date: June 10th, 2003

“The Overt Promotion Of Anarchy” (ROX #64) does “Sustaining The Buzz” (ROX #60) one better; instead of reacting to the reaction to the episode, J&B react to the over-reaction, namely Joseph E. Mills III's letter of protest (from which the episode's title is taken).

As expected, anarchy ensues.

Like in “A Toast To Poverty” (ROX #31), J&B, along with their cohorts, make their point both factually and satirically; once again, they pull it off.

This episode contains my one appearance on ROX (so far, anyway); I'm at the other end of the red box call.

Essential ROX episode!

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