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Title: J&B Get Baked - review
Type: review
Date: June 7th, 2003

J&B on the ROX #59 is simply one of the most amazing half-hours of television that I've ever seen!

To start with, dealing with the subject of marijuana as an everyday thing - neither as a “drug”, nor as an anti-drug polemic - an honest admission of a part of everyday life, isn't just courageous, it's refreshing. It's obviously pro-legalization, but at the same time, J&B and friends don't bash you over the head trying to make the point.

“J&B Get Baked” also works quite well in the context of the series as a whole; J&B getting high are more or less the same as J&B mixing drinks. The same undercurrents of subversive intelligence that add depth to their self-proclaimed “stupidity” are at work here, and in full force.

Simply put, a work of genius!


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Created: June 7th, 2003
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