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Title: More Like Eight Years
Type: production note
Date: February 8th, 2003

It took over a year to make ROX #87. It wasn't a particularly complex or ambitious production, though. It's just that we were out of practice after a seven year hiatus. Plus, what with J & I living at opposite ends of the country, it took a while to get our groove on.

I finished editing this show on January 28, 2003. Strangely enough, that was the 150th birthday of Jose Marti, the Cuban revolutionary whose image appears ever-so-briefly while J is reading from the “Disorientation Manual.”

Media for More Like Eight Years:
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Jose Marti
Jose Marti was cool. He started the Cuban Revolutionary Party and campaigned relentlessly for liberation from Spain. This statue is located in Mid-City New Orleans.

Seven Year Itch
Title frame for "The Seven Year Itch."

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