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Title: A Triumph of the Swill
Type: production note
Date: January 6th, 2003

J was generally in charge of field production at this time, while I concentrated my efforts on editing. But for this particular episode I was charged with the field responsibilities. I forget why.

Anyway, I was particularly happy with the result. In one day we drove from Bloomington to Greenwood to West Lafayette to Gary, with specific video goals in mind for each stop.

Media for A Triumph of the Swill:
Pix for A Triumph of the Swill:
Welcome to Gary
XY says, "Welcome to Gary!"

Varro Tyler, PhD
We interviewed Dr. Varro Tyler about the health benefits of garlic. Dr. Tyler explained how the FDA's policies make it difficult to get reliable information about herbal therapies.

Scenic Greenwood, IN
ROX makes a triumphant return to B's hometown.

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