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Hey, That's Me!

So, you finally found yourself.

Say What?

Hey, That's Me!

It happens all the time. People type their name into a search engine and they discover they've got a page on the ROX website.

If this has happened to you, please consider the following points.

  • Is it really you? Or is it just somebody else with the same name? I know it's hard to imagine that you're not unique, but it's a big world out there. If you were really featured in one of our TV shows, chances are you'd remember it.
  • Is the information accurate? This website is intended to provide a complete record of the historic ROX television series. An accurate listing of the people who have participated in the program is an essential part of that record.
  • Would you care to help? We have a mostly painless form you can fill out, which will provide all your vital statistics on your ROX webpage. If you'd like to participate, give us a holler and we'll set you up. Be prepared to prove that you are, in fact, who you claim to be!
Recent pix:
Dr. Pat Up Close
Dr. Pat holds forth on education policy.

Xy Sings
Singing and playing guitar — at the same time! The talented Xy can do it all.

The More Life Coalition
The More Life Coalition protests Planned Parenthood. Photograph by Rachel Whang.

J Tube Tube
Getting self-reflexive.

Random pix:
B runs across the campus of Indiana University, wearing nothing but a mohawk and a pair of Converse All*Stars.

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