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A Brief History of ROX

An ongoing recapitulation of our life and times.

Say What?

A Brief History of ROX

We started making ROX back in the summer of 1992, on the cable access television station in Bloomington, Indiana. Originally we called the show J&B on the ROX, after the two hosts J and B. Sometimes people still call it that. It's OK, we don't mind.

In April of 1994, we got some national media attention when we smoked pot on television. That little stunt got us on the Howard Stern Show and MTV, not to mention all the network affiliates in Indianapolis and radio stations across the country.

We became the first TV series on the Internet in May of 1995. Almost immediately thereafter, we ceased production for seven years.

In 2002 we started back into production, and began grappling with the challenges of creating cross-country TV on a shoestring. J now lives in Missoula, Montana; B lives in New Orleans.

Recent pix:
Dr. Pat Up Close
Dr. Pat holds forth on education policy.

Xy Sings
Singing and playing guitar — at the same time! The talented Xy can do it all.

The More Life Coalition
The More Life Coalition protests Planned Parenthood. Photograph by Rachel Whang.

J Tube Tube
Getting self-reflexive.

Random pix:
Karl sold us yummy organic produce at the Bloomington Farmer's Market. He grew it himself!

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