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Webdev Note: 1,000 Pix
Image: Kelly Parrot
Pix for Webdev:
The Sage Has No Mind Of His Own
One who knows does not speak. One who speaks does not know.

XY had a cold, so she asked J to make her a medicinal drink.

XY can't handle the raw power of garlic. "Spit or swallow? ... In this case, ladies, I recommend spittin'. Who cares if he breaks up with you?"

Molly Anti-Anarchy
Molly is skeptical of the efficacy of anarchism as way of organizing human affairs.

Flyer for Festival of Fools Parade
The Have Fun Club created this flyer to promote the first annual Festival of Fools parade.

Do Not Become Confused
Title frame for Do Not Become Confused.

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