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Some day there might be links here.

Watch ROX

If you have Dish Network, you can watch ROX on FreeSpeech TV. Check their schedule for showtimes, but note that they've got our episode numbers totally wrong.

If you live in Monroe County, Indiana, and you have cable, you can sometimes watch ROX on CATS Channel 3. Check their schedule. If you don't see a listing for ROX, keep in mind that they play requests!

If you have high speed internet, you can watch ROX online. You can browse through our episode guide or look at our most recent additions. If you're feeling particularly masochistic, check out our comprehensive listing of all our media files.

Of course, online video just isn't as good as watching ROX on real TV. So you might want to get ROX on DVD. We're working on that.

Random pix:
Menudo Doesn't Work
Menudo is reputed to be a hangover cure. This gentleman advised us that "it doesn't work, but it tastes damn good."

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