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Word: aura
Media: Seizure
Word: contraflow
Media: Evacuation
Word: damnatory
Media: Damnatory Defined
Word: faith
Media: Faith Redefined
Word: love
Media: XY & B
Word: lumpen
Media: Lumpen
Word: paraphernalia
Media: Paraphernalia Defined
Pix for Vocab:
Vocabulary: Transmigration
Our guest explains what it's like to share his body with another being.

Damnatory Discussion
J&B mull over their new vocabulary word.

Vocabulary: Foley
Last Minute Productions helps ROX in their ongoing programme of cultural edification and education.

A Merkin For XY
XY models a merkin.

B explains why New Orleans' daily paper is called the Times-Picayune.

Ghost Poopie
J explains this week's vocabulary word with gusto.

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