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Drinx by Thing

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Drink: Another Bad Creation
Thing: Caffeine
Drink: Amaretto Coffee
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Drink: Bailey's & Coffee
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Drink: Coffee
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Drink: Just Say Yes!
Pix for Things:
Flow Title
Title frame for ROX #65.

PS: Your Show Rocks!
J reads a letter from Todd Halvorsen.

J&B on the Porch
J prepares to assault the camera with a bottle of vodka, while B looks on in dismay.

Daniel McBackground
We almost missed it, but Daniel McDeavitt appeared briefly in ROX #69. You can see him there, over the shoulders, in the back row.

And now... a poem.
Title frame for "To the Graduating Class." In case you can't make it out, that's TBlack manhandling a bottle of Jagermeister.

More Genitalia
Our viewers demanded more genitalia. So we gave them this.

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