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Art as stupidity. Stupidity as art.

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Property Title
Title frame for ROX #91.

Worm Hate
Worm hates being videotaped.

A Leap of Faith
Title frame for "A Leap of Faith."

B Reads
B reads "To the Graduating Class."

Rush Is God
"Rush is God!"

This Is Fucked Up
J rants about the inequities of global capitalism.

Better Than Potable
The Dead Man's Float elicits high praise from the very man who mixed it.

"You think the appeal of this studentine ghetto will wear down and off as you reach predicted maturity."

Profile: Editor B

To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we lit these candles in a urinal in the Indiana University's Main Library. What, you've got a better idea?

Electoral Hangover
She thinks America is hungover after re-electing George W. Bush.

Colored Entrance
A remnant from the bad old days, which were not that long ago. Can you read what it says above the door?

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