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Yes, we're narcissistic.

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Wine Is For Sissies
"Wine? Wine is for sissies!"

TBlack Laughs
Ha ha ha!

Two Thumbs Up
J looks somber but B is enthused.

Some artistic viewers wrote in to share this hand-drawn diagram showing how the feat of autofellation might be accomplished. Please do not try this at home.

B and His Bill
B examines the bill from his recent hospital visit.

Up Close & Personal with Xy
Xy bleaches her facial hair.

93 Title
Title frame for ROX #93.

B Fat Stats
Editor B lays down some statistics about obesity and mortality in America.

Featuring XY
XY -- She Who Cutteth Up.

As XY's mother said: "You can't possibly go to New York with all that facial hair."

The Man Tries to Shut Us Down
This security guard demanded to see our press pass (yes, we had one!) and our personal IDs.

Words of Wisdom
J explains his mixological philosophy.

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