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Stan Stain
Stan and Xy examine blood stain evidence at People's Park.

J&B's Video Erotica
Another title frame for the long-running segment, "J&B's Video Erotica."

Kathleen Screams
Kathleen Gregg on vox for the Smears.

Helluva Title
J gets ready to mix a Helluva Buzz for W. Owen.

Bush Duct
The First Lady and President are safe from biological attack in these stylish suits. They're made of duct tape and plastic sheeting, naturally.

Eric Black Sings
Eric Black sings a More Life Coalition anthem, "Masturbate Ten Times a Day."

Dr. Pat models a stylish tiara. Or is it a gladiator helmet?

Slacker Title
J gets ready to mix the Slacker.

B 40
B brandishes a bottle of Pure White 40, graciously donated by friend Angela. By blatantly disregarding the instructions, the ROX crew managed to turn this powerful hair bleach into a completely ineffective waste of everyone's time.

Special Guest Kelly
Kelly stifles a giggle.

Bart & Seth
Seth and Bart (right, later known as Editor B) sing a special version of an old campfire classic.

Open your mind and who knows what might happen.

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