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Eloid Puts the Shot
Eloid! Eloid! He's our man! If he can't do it, no one can!

XY Dumpsters NY
"They chain their dumpsters up here in Manhattan!"

Dale Is So Weird
Dale has perfected the subtle art of corkscrew aerobics.

St. J
St. J watch over us!

T Sings
TBlack sings for his supper.

Before You Imbibe
"Before you imbibe, please look at the label."

A Little Bit of Triple Sec
J muscles open a bottle of triple sec. Nothing can keep this man away from his liquor!

Xy Rants
Xy expresses her feelings about landlords.

Daze Title
J gets ready to mix a drink from a recipe sent by a viewer.

Behind Wylie
B tries the back door of Wylie House, but it's locked.

Special Guest, James T. Reichert
Our very first special guest ever was James T. Reichert, one of J's roommates and a WinTel-loving computer geek.

Inside the D-Jar
Lots of little pieces of paper, each with a word and a definition.

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