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Talk Talk Talk
J talks while B drinks.

Nei Nei Thumb
Nei Nei gives us the one-thumb salute.

Stan Stain
Stan and Xy examine blood stain evidence at People's Park.

On the Cutting Edge of Interactive Media
Hanging out at Waffle House in the wee hours, TBlack records an audio tape to be mailed overseas (to Zoe) while being videotaped (by Editor B) for television.

The Pig That Stares
Why does that pig keep staring at me?

Disarm Authority
Marchers in New Orleans protest the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas.

Ash Tits
Someone put out a cigarette on this poor woman's breasts. We didn't do it, we just videotaped the aftermath. Honest, officer.

Singer at Hemp Fest
We don't know who this guy is, but he came up and started singing for the camera.

Welcome to Gary
XY says, "Welcome to Gary!"

Tomato for Hire
This poor guy was making minimum wage standing by the highway in a tomato suit to advertise a Fazoli's franchise.

Mystery Piper
We don't know who she is.

Nice Legs
Some fine gams on display at Southern Decadence in New Orleans. C'est magnifique!

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