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Yes, we're narcissistic.

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XY and Worm provide an impromptu vocal track.

Daryl MEAD
The D in M.E.A.D. Femtobrewery stands for Daryl, possibly one of the biggest ROX fans ever.

Where's Iraq?
Can the average Wal-Mart-shopping American identify Iraq on a map? (We couldn't.)

Russ -- brewer of beer, stroker of chin.

Trestle Infinitum
A psychedelic view through the lattice of girders that support the trestle.

Flotation Device
XY commandeers the Phantom Menace.

Candid Muhammad
Muhammad reveals the mystery of where cabbies pee.

As XY's mother said: "You can't possibly go to New York with all that facial hair."

B Cites John
Editor B cites chapter and verse.

Welcome to Gary
XY says, "Welcome to Gary!"

J introduces himself to the world.

Six Orange Mushrooms
Aren't they cute?

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