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Camera Operator Ben
Ben takes on the sometimes hazardous role of ROX camera operator.

B Down
Overwhelmed by the spectacle and pageantry of the Festival of Fools parade, B keels over right in the middle of Dunn Meadow.

The Mohawking of PJ
Lisa clips; PJ sits; Stacy sips.

Sham 69 Hula
Another punk hoops it up.

Brownie Blues Title
B introduces another fine concoction by the resident ROX mixologist.

Slogans Lots of Slogans
We've got a million of 'em.

$top Corporate Greed
A protestor against the FTAA.

BATT After
This is what it looks like when the camera battery runs out.

Big Aisle
A canted view of the aisle in Big Lots.

Kurt Cobain: 1967-1994
Kurt Cobain's body was discovered on 8 April 1994 by an electrician. The coroner estimates he killed himself three days earlier, on 5 April, the same day we wrapped production on ROX #59, "J&B Get Baked." TBlack made this shirt, which portrays Kurt's demise in graphic cartoon, and he can be seen wearing it in ROX #60. It's punk as fuck and we can only imagine that Kurt would have approved.

Marching for Years
"We're letting San Francisco and DC know we're still here!"

This Is Fucked Up
J rants about the inequities of global capitalism.

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