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SOS Title
J gets ready to mix a Same Old Shit -- on the back of a toilet, of course.

Talk Talk Talk
J talks while B drinks.

St. Russ
St. Russ protect us!

Your Editor, B
"I will control all that you see and hear."

Flowerpot Urinal
When restrooms change genders, hardware gets repurposed.

B chokes down some cheap scotch whiskey on the rox. "Smooth!"

Waffle Sign
A flourescent beacon beckons to weary late night travellers.

Apple B.J. 5
It's late. Must be time for another Apple B.J.

Too Tired
After staying up all night, B is simply too tired to go to his telemarketing job.

Salome Cocktail
A special treat for the freshly beheaded.

B's Summer Vacation
Title frame for "B's Summer Vacation."

Black Box
The mysterious black box: What is it? Why does everyone want it?

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