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J&B in Bed
Victims of a nasty cold virus or flu bug, J&B take to bed to rest up and get well. We drank lots of fluids.

It's so embarrassing to be seen with spooge on your lip.

Valerio's Face
This is what Valerio looks like.

Tomato for Hire
This poor guy was making minimum wage standing by the highway in a tomato suit to advertise a Fazoli's franchise.

Back in the Title Again
Editor B is Back in the Camera Again.

Camera Operator Wyatt
Wyatt was one of the first ROX camera operators.

B reads a letter from a viewer.

Waffle Sign
A flourescent beacon beckons to weary late night travellers.

Mildred supervises a quilting project.

Pauline & Xy
Xy's own grandmother didn't think much of her homemade salsa.

Pills to keep away chills.

Varro Tyler, PhD
We interviewed Dr. Varro Tyler about the health benefits of garlic. Dr. Tyler explained how the FDA's policies make it difficult to get reliable information about herbal therapies.

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