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Bowling Ball
1. J goes bowling in the Clark Fork River

2. J expresses his feelings of inadequacy.

J & Day Get Married
3. J and Day exchange vows.

In the beginning...
4. J&B make their first television appearance together.

The End of an Era
5. The core ROX crew lived in this big old house for just one year.

6. J blends up a banana daquiri for Worm's 21st birthday party.

Zima Slimeball
7. Victim of a clever Internet parody, J mixes up a Zima Slimeball.

Green Glass of Grossness
8. J samples the Zima Slimeball

9. J introduces himself to the world.

Rolling Downhill
10. J hams it up even more than usual.

11. J loves the flavor of raw garlic.

Funny Looking
12. J is a funny guy. Funny looking, that is.

13. Down but not yet out, J mixes his nastiest drink yet -- the Guttersplat. (Later superceded by the Maggot de Menthe!)

J's Last Dump
14. J takes his last dump at our old house. His roommates didn't even have the common decency to leave him alone during this most private moment. We had to shove a video camera in the window and tape him in the act. Then we put it on TV. That's the ROX way.

Salome Cocktail
15. A special treat for the freshly beheaded.

A Sip of Salome for J
16. J's body feeds his decapitated head a drink.

J at the Toilet
17. J is disappointed by the toilet facilities at Cataract Falls.

Big Buds
18. J can always get the biggest, juicy buds of garlic.

Thru the Lens of J
19. J watches the Indianapolis Colts as they defeat the Miami Dolphins.

Conversation with a Horse
20. J interviews the Indianapolis Colts mascot about the rampant commercialization of our society.

21. J and Worm rejoice in a successful purchase at Big Red Liquor. Let the festivities commence!

22. J's satanic nature is revealed at last.

Leap Drink
23. J samples the Leap of Faith.

The Virgin J
24. Worship him.

25. J discovers a giant nest.

26. J gets his windshield cleaned at the service station.

Medicinal Brandy
27. J gets ready to mix a medicinal brandy for XY.

Ghost Poopie
28. J explains this week's vocabulary word with gusto.

80 Proof Sun Protection
29. J prepares to mix an 80 Proof Sun Protection in honor of B's sunburn.

A Stiffie and a Biggie
30. "This is gonna be a stiffie and a biggie."

31. J prepares to mix a Carolina.

32. "I would pronounce that as the worst thing you've ever tasted."

Cold's Banishment Tea
33. We got some Cold's Banishment Tea from the local headshop, the Eye.

Mintal Ward
34. J prepares to mix a Mintal Ward, a tribute to Diane Ward, and J's first silent drink!

J Slides
35. J slides on an icy sidewalk.

J Pours O.J.
36. J carefully measures out just the right amount of orange juice.

Seven Year Itch
37. Title frame for "The Seven Year Itch."

Blue Hawaiian
38. J gets ready to mix a Blue Hawaiian.

Kremlin Kocktail
39. Da, now it is time to mix a Kremlin Kocktail.

Kremlin Sample
40. J samples the Kremlin Kocktail.

41. Perhaps the cheesiest grin yet from a man who is known for his cheesy grins.

42. J prepares to mix a Berliner.

Berliner Sample
43. "Und now, I vill sample this fine drink!"

44. J demonstrates his famed blending technique. What drink is this anyway? I can't remember.

Rocky Rumpus
45. J mixes up a tasty invention called the Rocky Rumpus.

Seven Year Itch Drink
46. J gets some ice from the freezer so he can mix a Seven Year Itch.

Jäger: Pour It All In
47. Too much is better than not enough.

Your Bartender, J
48. "Hello, and welcome to ROX! I'm J, I'll be your bartender."

Soft Porn
49. J displays his designer-denim-clad ass for the titillation of the viewing public.

50. J prepares to mix a big wedding punch concoction, "Christy and Bart's Grand Bowl."

51. J, your bartender -- He Who Mixeth.

52. J isn't making a face. He always looks like that. Really.

Late Period
53. J gets ready to mix a "Late Period."

Tequila Shot
54. Too lethargic to mix a drink, your bartender slams a tequila shot.

Another Bad Creation
55. J prepares to mix Another Bad Creation, from a recipe submitted by a viewer.

56. "I would pronounce that as distinctly ecstatic!"

Fit to be Drunk
57. J is stunned to realize that he's mixed a drink which is surpisingly good.

John 19:24
58. J quotes from the Bible, driven by his fervent desire to spread the Good News to all ROX viewers. Unfortunately he meant to cite verse 28. We are not biblical scholars.

59. J mixes the Pisser to celebrate love gone sour.

Luv on the ROX
60. J gets ready to mix a "Luv on the ROX."

Better Than Potable
61. The Dead Man's Float elicits high praise from the very man who mixed it.

2 Oz. Cognac
62. J mixes a Dead Man's Float, whilst chilling poolside with the ROX crew in upscale Carmel, Indiana.

63. Our new video lenses gave us a new perspective on life.

Stone Pipe J
64. J gets ready to fire up his parents' old stone pipe.

J Sips the DMF
65. J samples his handiwork.

More Genitalia
66. Our viewers demanded more genitalia. So we gave them this.

J with a Joint
67. J puffs on a J.

St. J
68. St. J watch over us!

This is an apple.
69. This is not an apple.

70. J reads from J&B's "Dormitory Disorientation Manual."

JBM Earnings
71. J reports the weekly earnings statistics.

Leonine J
72. Years before ROX, J was interviewed by B for Indiana Urinalysis.

J Eats
73. J eats a meal in the Collins Cafeteria.

Fez On -- Hats Off
74. ROX salutes the city of Fez, capital of Morocco and a world leader of the illegal cannabis trade.

75. "I'm playing Twister!"

This Is Fucked Up
76. J rants about the inequities of global capitalism.

Apple B.J.
77. J gets ready to mix an Apple B.J.

78. J re-enacts a late-night phone call from a "fan."

That's J in the Mirror
79. J videotapes himself in a mirror within Beck Chapel, while B stands in the background.

J Reads
80. J reads "To the Graduating Class."

J w/J&B
81. J brandishes a bottle of our namesake, J&B Scotch.

Apple B.J. 2
82. J gets ready to mix another Apple B.J.

Apple B.J. 3
83. J gets ready to mix yet another Apple B.J.

Apple B.J. 4
84. J gets ready to mix another Apple B.J. This is starting to seem strangely familiar...

Apple B.J. 5
85. It's late. Must be time for another Apple B.J.

Small Bottle
86. Is this a small bottle or a big one? It's all a matter of perspective.

Two Ounces
87. J uses sign language to indicate that you should add two ounces of creme de menthe to your drink.

Three Dollops
88. Nothing makes a drink taste good like a dollop or three of ice cream. Mmmm!

Double Take
89. J appears startled to see himself on the monitor during the taping of Studio Six.

Right Between the Ice
90. "Bad pun -- 'right between the ice' -- get it?"

91. This cocktail seems to have hit J right between the eyes.

Napoleon Smells
92. J doesn't care for the smell of his Napoleon.

Tongue Stuck
93. Don't lick frozen metal.

Head Buzz
94. J dons the appropriate headgear to mix a Head Buzz.

Mango Madness
95. If you can't lay your hands on some Mango Madness, any tropical fruit juice will do.

A Little Bit of Triple Sec
96. J muscles open a bottle of triple sec. Nothing can keep this man away from his liquor!

J&B at the M.E.A.D.
97. Hanging with Mark, Eric, Andy and Daryl at the MEAD Femtobrewery -- J videotapes while B samples the wares.

Jenny B, J&B, TBlack
98. Clockwise from upper left: Jenny B holds an umbrella over J's head while TBlack pretends to smoke through the arm of a recliner and Editor B videotapes it all. (Photo by Kevin Stuart for the IDS.)

99. J examines a bud. This photograph by Kevin Stuart originally appeared in the Indiana Daily Student.

High Quality
100. This television series features nothing but the highest quality video.

Give the People What They Want
101. J reads a letter from a concerned viewer.

102. J samples the Insomniac.

Shandy Ginger
103. J pours ginger ale into his Shandy Gaff. Note the "White Man's Bible" propped up in the foreground -- a failed attempt to generate controversy.

Bass Triangle
104. J explains the true meaning of the pink triangle on the Bass bottle.

Smell the Guinness
105. Russ and J take a deep whiff of Guinness Extra Stout. Note the horizontal video glitch that permeated this production.

Ready to Run
106. J gets ready to mix a Poor Brian's Run.

Anal J
107. J looks over Anal's shoulder. They're siblings, if you couldn't tell.

108. The More Life Coalition protests Planned Parenthood. Photograph by Rachel Whang.

Big Lot
109. J presents another classic ROX drink, the Big Lot.

Damnatory Discussion
110. J&B mull over their new vocabulary word.

Focal Yokels
111. J remains blurry while B hogs the camera.

Do Not Try This At Home: J
112. Bartender J does a Big Lot. That's straight 80 proof whiskey!

Interesting Lots
113. J finds his first visit to Big Lots "interesting."

Nothing Else
114. The final ingredient for the Fool's Gold? Nothing.

115. J marches for change.

Stone Fence Squared
116. J mixes a Stone Fence atop a stone fence. Clever, eh?

J Fishes the Bay
117. J casts his rod on the waters of Sturgeon Bay.

Helluva Title
118. J gets ready to mix a Helluva Buzz for W. Owen.

Sinus Effects
119. Coffee can stave off an allergy attack and make you feel like Superman.

J & the Maker
120. J gets ready to make another pot of coffee.

Giuseppe Sips
121. Giuseppe surrenders to the clutches of a sinister caffeine addiction.

Fat Albert Title
122. J gets ready to mix a Fat Albert.

J Tastes B&C
123. J doesn't seem to be enjoying his mix of Vitamin C and bourbon.

124. Young Giuseppe and his girlfriend order a hot chocolate. Behind them, a nasty old coffee addict shuffles past.

J Breath
125. J's alcohol-laden breath melts the camera lens.

Brain Wax
126. J's brain is waxed.

Orange Aid Title
127. J gets ready to mix an Orange Aid.

J Gets Bitter
128. J gets ready to mix up his third drink of the evening, a Bitter Orange.

Slacker Title
129. J gets ready to mix the Slacker.

PS: Your Show Rocks!
130. J reads a letter from Todd Halvorsen.

Symbolic Whirlwind
131. "You'll want to shake it, symbolizing the whirlwind uncontrollability of our lives."

Andrea, Kyle and J
132. Andrea and Kyle stare in amazement and horror at the spectacle unfolding in the kitchen. As usual, J is distracted by the camera.

Firetruck J
133. J emerges from a wrecked firetruck in Solsberry, Indiana.

My Mother, the Title
134. Title frame for "My Mother, the Doctor"

Dr. Pat's Punch Title
135. J blows smoke while B enjoys a glass of Dr. Pat's Punch.

Unscrewed Title
136. J gets ready to mix a non-traditional drink for a non-traditional student.

Knuckle Sucker Title
137. J prepares to deploy his considerable mixological skills to his mother's benefit and/or chagrin.

Down with DPP
138. J mixes up Dr. Pat's Punch.

Naked and Carefree
139. "Lounge by the shores, naked and care free."

Climb A Tree
140. "Cut off the soles of your shoes, climb a tree and learn to play the flute."

Drink More
141. "Drink more."

Fig Leaf
142. J gets ready to mix a Fig Leaf for our old friends Adam and Eve.

No Glory Here
143. J examines a "glory hole" which has been blocked off with a sheet of metal.

144. Perched on a balcony of Indiana limestone, J mixes a classic drink.

Take Drugs Often
145. J dispenses wisdom to the new crop of freshmen.

The Rawles Hall Door-Knocker Title
146. J explains how to operate the Rawles Hall Door Knocker.

Take-Home Pay
147. J & Jim compare take-home pay.

148. J & Jim compare grade point averages.

Don't Listen To Us
149. "Don't listen to us. We don't know shit."

SOS Title
150. J gets ready to mix a Same Old Shit -- on the back of a toilet, of course.

Tastes Like Shit
151. J renders an honest assessment.

Keeping Fit With J
152. J demonstrates his farcical fitness regimen.

153. J gets ready to mix a Headstone.

154. J suffers the effects of his spooky li'l drink.

J's Old Office
155. J points out his old office in Indiana University's Marketing Services, housed in the Indiana Memorial Union.

Zombie Title
156. J gets ready to mix a spooky drink.

J Is So Blurry
157. This is a picture of J's face. But really, it's a tribute to the "creative" camera work of Mr. G.

Tonite's Question
158. Is this bartender competent?

159. J cites his favorite Bible verse.

Blackhead Title
160. J gets ready to mix an adult version of a classic kid's drink.

J Bored
161. Publicity still for "My Dinner of Andre."

Dirt Title
162. J mixes a drink so tasty, he decides to christen it "Dirt."

163. J mixes a drink and makes a bad pun, with a little help from Jenny B as the mummy.

BFB #7
164. J admires the fine literary works for sale at the local supermarket.

Crotch Prep
165. J gets ready to mix a Crotch Cooler.

G Lick
166. Special guest "G" demonstrates the staying power of her Bronze Leaf lipstick while J looks on admiringly.

167. J introduces special guests E & G.

Sweet Blood Title
168. J gets ready to mix a Sweet Blood of London.

Hairball Drink
169. J samples the Whisky Hairball.

Hairball Ingredient
170. J adds the secret ingredient that makes the Whisky Hairball what it is.

Daze Title
171. J gets ready to mix a drink from a recipe sent by a viewer.

J & Day Kiss
172. "By the authority vested in myself by virtue of my incredible hubris, I pronounce us man and wife. You may kiss me!"

Yes Title
173. J gets ready to mix a Just Say Yes!

Party of J & Matt
174. J parties down with Cousin Matt.

J Jar
175. J produces a semen sample for the More Life Coalition.

Purple & Green J
176. J turns green -- and a little purple -- through our high tech special efects wizardry.

Longer Than He Thought
177. J's bathroom renovation took longer than he thought it would. A lot longer.

Russian J
178. J takes a break from tiling his bathroom to sample a White Russian.

Secretive J
179. J's educated palate renders a verdict on yet another cocktail.

Christ with a Title
180. J gets ready to mix a drink for Xy as she receives a backrub from B.

All Friends
181. Russ and Tblack share a cup of coffee on the front porch, just to let viewers know they're still friends, despite the shenanigans at the party. "Here's to love and life and friendship!"

Piña Title
182. If you like piña coladas...

Phone Duct
183. Anything for the sake of art: Day straps a phone to J's head with duct tape.

Cheap Gin
184. J makes a Boilermaker with cheap gin, in tribute to the thrifty people of West Lafayette, Indiana.

Herring Anyone?
185. Pickled herring is a great hangover cure. Try some?

711 E. Cottage Grover
186. A hand-delivered note from "An Anonymous Westside Crank." This was only our second piece of viewer mail that we'd ever received, and the first that was negative. Many more (of both categories) would follow, but the crayon artwork here indicates the general mental level of our correspondents. We never did find out who wrote this!

Real Rocks
187. What other mixologist would go to such stupefying lengths in service of his craft?

J&B on the Porch
188. J prepares to assault the camera with a bottle of vodka, while B looks on in dismay.

Syrup & Cola
189. J&B offer a libation to whatever gods there be.

J Tube Tube
190. Getting self-reflexive.

The More Life Coalition
191. The More Life Coalition protests Planned Parenthood. Photograph by Rachel Whang.

J Poses
192. Whatever happened to the photos from this shoot?

J&B at the Courthouse
193. J&B introduce themselves to the world at large in front of the Monroe County Courthouse as they kick off their most notorious episode.

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