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Item: Bloomington Premiere
Image: 93 Title
Item: Dressed in Meat
Image: Meat Bikini
Item: Greatest ROX Minute
Image: Biking Jordan
Item: In Memoriam
Image: Dr. Pat Up Close
Item: R.I.P. George Wilhelm
Image: Brad & Grandad
Item: R.I.P. Pauline
Image: Pauline & Xy
Item: We Mourn for Helen
Image: Helen Anti Atkins
Pix for News:
Too Much Candy
XY buys too much candy in preparation for the Festival of Fools.

Worm Hate
Worm hates being videotaped.

JP Sings
Jim Poyser breaks into spontaneous song.

Words of Wisdom
J explains his mixological philosophy.

In Praise of Folly
Title frame for "In Praise of Folly."

Love on the ROX
Title frame for "Love on the ROX."

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