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Location: 10th Street
Image: Syrup & Cola
Location: 2839 Palmer
Image: B IV
Image: XY IV
Image: St. Claire Close-Up
Image: St. Claire TV
Image: Cutty ROX
Image: James' Face
Image: Shirthead
Image: Hurricane PJ
Image: Pointing on Palmer
Image: Xy Flushes
Image: Xy Rants
Image: Contemplative B
Location: 344 South Dunn
Image: Good Haircut
Image: Mail
Image: The End of an Era
Image: The Landlord
Image: Bleaching
Image: Blend
Image: Turning 21
Image: J's Last Dump
Image: Teddy Burns
Image: Ass
Image: Nip
Image: After a Shower
Image: Ready!
Image: J&B at Table
Image: Snack
Image: Snotrag
Image: Medicinal Brandy
Image: Medicinal Drink
Image: The Eternal Return
Image: Rewind
Image: Cold's Banishment Tea
Image: Mintal Ward
Image: Tying Original
Image: Big Day
Image: Black Hands
Image: Love
Image: More Genitalia
Image: How to Load Fruit
Image: Moonboy
Image: JP Sings
Image: BK Laughs
Image: Moon Knife
Image: Singing
Image: Real
Image: Chance Encounter
Image: Apple B.J.
Image: Re-enactment
Image: Camera Operator Alan
Image: J&B Toast
Image: B Reads
Image: Apple B.J. 2
Image: Apple B.J. 3
Image: Apple B.J. 4
Image: Apple B.J. 5
Image: Two Ounces
Image: Three Dollops
Image: Ready to Load
Image: Fish Baste
Image: Remain in Light
Image: Resist the Light
Image: Lighter with Stoned Wheat Thins
Image: No Glory
Image: Fiasco
Image: Grape Injection
Image: Another Receipt
Image: Right Between the Ice
Image: 2 Ice Cubes
Image: Aftereffect
Image: Amaretto: Pour It All In
Image: Head Buzz
Image: Mango Madness
Image: A Little Bit of Triple Sec
Image: Fez
Image: Jenny B, J&B, TBlack
Image: J Bud IDS
Image: Posterized Lighter
Image: Squash Chunks
Image: Table Tableau
Image: Flying Hubbard
Image: Insomnisip
Image: Triple Corkscrew Slice
Image: Needle Drip
Image: Andrea, Kyle and J
Image: Smoking Rose
Image: Worm Burns A Rose
Image: Burn Rose
Image: Goofus & Gallant
Image: Blue Law
Image: Take Drugs Often
Image: Para Pher Nali A
Image: J Drinks, B Gesticulates
Image: Take-Home Pay
Image: GPA
Image: Brownie Blues Title
Image: XY Analytical
Image: Blue Flame
Image: Tastes Like Shit
Image: Fridgecam
Image: Cruciform Kyle
Image: Burning Poetry
Image: Sloppy Title
Image: Degaz
Image: Founder of the DEA
Image: Dirt Title
Image: Crotch Prep
Image: Eager
Image: Cooking Dough
Image: The Jones Family
Image: J&B in the Rain
Image: Vocabulary: Transmigration
Image: Roger Von Yogananda
Image: Rudi's Book
Image: Up Close & Personal with Xy
Image: Back in the Title Again
Image: Yes Title
Image: T Sings
Image: Party of J & Matt
Image: Apartments at 344
Image: Lighter on Panelling
Image: Happy J
Location: 3rd Street
Image: TBlack Drives
Location: 4th Street
Image: 4th Street '94
Image: 4th Street '93
Image: Applause!
Image: Richard & Holly
Image: Daniel McBackground
Image: No Close Ups
Location: 503 E Cottage Grove
Image: Knowlton on Guitar
Image: Brain Wax
Location: 504 East Cottage Grove
Image: Lesson 23
Image: B Gown
Image: MKML
Image: Bottle o' Tussin
Image: Meditation
Image: MKM Writes
Location: 519 N Washington
Image: Episode #22
Location: 521 N Washington
Image: 521
Image: Penetrating the Flower
Image: J&B in Bed
Image: Cleavage
Image: JJ Looks Into the Lens
Image: High Quality
Image: Arnie Juggles
Image: Heather Smiles Sheepishly
Image: Julie Master
Image: Diane, Horizontal
Image: The Astonishment of TBlack
Image: Give the People What They Want
Image: You Wanna Piece of This?
Image: Spooge
Image: Shandy Ginger
Image: Eric Black of the More Life Coalition
Image: XY & the Flower
Image: Big Lot
Image: Damnatory Discussion
Image: Golden Hue
Image: Focal Yokels
Image: Parade Start
Image: HFC POB
Image: D-Jar
Image: Inside the D-Jar
Image: Do Not Try This At Home: B
Image: Do Not Try This At Home: J
Image: Pyrite
Image: J&B Again
Image: Kelly Smokes
Image: Your Mom
Image: B With Cam
Image: Anonymous Photographer
Image: Nothing Else
Image: A Celebration of Freaks...
Image: Crystal Baller
Image: Sham 69 Hula
Image: Slacker Title
Image: PS: Your Show Rocks!
Image: Symbolic Whirlwind
Image: And now... a poem.
Image: Bob
Image: J Is So Blurry
Image: It's Over
Image: "I Am Thirsty."
Image: The Hoover Guy
Image: Fifteen Seconds Title
Image: Dale Is So Weird
Image: Moosehead Chuck
Image: J Bored
Image: Do That Title
Image: Moon Rifle
Image: GHWB Meets His Match
Image: Hairball Title
Image: Hairball Drink
Image: Hairball Ingredient
Image: It's Bill!
Image: It's Winton!
Image: One for the Title
Image: The Inner Life
Image: Cocaine Title
Image: Fig Licker
Image: Wall of Implements
Image: J Jar
Image: Eric Black Sings
Image: Purple & Green J
Image: BJ Never
Image: Sunday Title
Image: Off to Church
Image: J&B and John
Image: Money from Chamooga
Image: Secretive J
Image: Camera Operator A
Image: B Cites John
Image: Special Guest Kelly
Image: Our Favorite Mugs
Image: Achingly Hip
Image: April 21st, 1993 -- 6:00 PM
Image: My Parents Would Be Proud
Image: Xy Bolus
Image: 711 E. Cottage Grover
Image: Dale
Image: Xy Draws Laguz
Image: Cheese Puff Reverie
Image: J&B on the Porch
Location: 701 South Lincoln
Image: Dada Anti-Easter Egg
Image: Egg Eyes
Image: Barge Lives
Image: Bad-ass Badminton
Image: Eloid Puts the Shot
Image: Lizacam
Image: Already Been Chewed
Location: 711 East Cottage Grove
Image: It Ain't No Beer
Image: Wine Is For Sissies
Image: B Snarls
Image: Before You Imbibe
Image: B Raps
Image: Worm Laughs
Image: Yes! Yes!
Image: Worm Hate
Image: J Tube Tube
Location: 713 East Cottage Grove
Image: Horror Dishes
Image: Horror Monster
Image: Horror Suds
Image: Pisser
Image: Luv on the ROX
Image: J&B on the Keg
Image: J with a Joint
Image: W. Owen, Coffee Virgin
Image: Helluva Title
Image: Angela, Confirmed Addict
Image: Death Is Cool
Image: Sinus Effects
Image: J & the Maker
Image: Brand XY
Image: Zombie Title
Image: Tonite's Question
Image: Dick 'n' Dad
Image: Mummy
Image: B 40
Image: Hanging (with) Chad
Image: Screaming for Scotch
Image: B Whines
Image: B Sees Thru
Image: Gen Why Shirt
Image: Cold Chocolate Title
Image: Hot Rod
Image: Christ with a Title
Image: All Friends
Image: Black Jack Title
Image: Cheap Gin
Image: Hairy Title
Location: 7930 Palm Street
Image: Scratch Rant
Location: Adam and Eve
Image: Fig Leaf
Location: Alabama
Image: 46.1% of People in Alabama May Risk Going to Hell
Location: Algiers
Image: A Fridge Full of Flies
Image: Unloading Supplies
Location: Allen Building
Image: Aerobic XY
Image: XY Fez
Image: XY Evil Laugh
Image: Pyramids
Location: Angelo Brocato's
Image: Andrea Bracato
Location: Armstrong Park
Image: Antiwar Rally in New Orleans
Location: Assembly Hall
Image: Trough Urinal
Location: Attic at 521 N Washington
Image: J&B in the Attic
Image: Russ Toasts
Image: Bass Triangle
Image: Smell the Guinness
Image: Orange Aid Title
Image: J Gets Bitter
Image: Orange Whiskey Title
Image: J Mellows, B Wigs
Image: The Wages of Unemployment
Image: Vagina
Image: Toe Lick
Image: Hotpad
Image: Stir The Fuck Out Of It
Image: Two Thumbs Up
Image: G Lick
Image: EJG
Image: Sweet Blood Title
Image: God Bless My Undies
Image: Dark Dave
Image: Temulency Defined
Image: Piña Title
Location: Audubon Park
Image: Peace Skate
Location: B & XY's Apartment
Image: Self-rolling Joint
Image: Hard-on?
Image: J
Image: TBlack
Image: B
Image: XY
Image: Garlic Press
Image: Hello World
Image: Seizure Re-Enactment
Image: Seizure Reaction
Location: Ballantine Hall
Image: 4 Urinals
Image: Giuseppe Sips
Image: Where To Have Anonymous Bathroom Sex
Image: Ballantine Ballantine
Image: Don't Drink These Drinks
Image: Open Air
Image: Hapless XY
Image: Straight Ahead
Image: Aeric Explains
Image: Anti-Coffee
Location: Basement at 701 South Lincoln
Image: B's Summer Vacation
Image: Mint Julep
Image: Myrtle Beach Lager Impressions
Image: Disaster
Image: The Route to Myrtle Beach
Image: Undisclosed Location
Image: Popsicle Consultant
Location: Basement at 711 East Cottage Grove
Image: In the beginning...
Image: Conception Corner
Image: Joe & B
Image: JBM
Image: Tequila Shot
Image: JBM Earnings
Image: G-A-R-M-E-N-T
Image: Tall Steve
Image: The Spectacle
Image: Camera Operator Wyatt
Image: Twister
Image: This Is Fucked Up
Image: Censored!
Image: Special Guest, Jim "No Show" Knowlton
Image: Talk Talk Talk
Image: Spit 7-Up
Image: J & Michael Play
Image: Deep Throat
Image: The Face of Michael Northam
Image: Special Guest, James T. Reichert
Image: Amaretto Sour
Image: Two Black Pocket Tees
Image: CCR
Image: Coprophagia Corner
Image: Bar Talk
Image: Cockroach
Image: Real Rocks
Location: Bayou St. John
Image: Pretty Pretty Indian
Image: Final Notice
Location: Bear's Beanery
Image: Steve's the Boss
Image: David Baker
Location: Beck Chapel
Image: Beck Chapel Rafters
Image: That's J in the Mirror
Location: Bellevue Gallery
Image: Chomsky Talks
Image: Jim & Ronnie
Location: Big Red Liquors
Image: The Tab: $53.09
Image: Purchase
Image: Ben
Image: Guy in a Poncho
Image: Random Selection
Image: Ill Gotten
Location: Bigfoot
Image: Daze Title
Image: Daze Recipe
Location: Bloomingfoods East
Image: Pauline & Xy
Image: Salsa Judge
Location: Bloomington
Image: Bible Reading
Image: J&B on the Trax
Image: 11th Poorest
Image: "I Need a Drink!"
Image: Paul Gives Advice
Image: Lynn Tastes the Chicken
Image: Sacha & Steph
Image: Fly Boy
Image: Becca Toast
Image: Jon Cooks
Image: Chuck at the Hearth
Image: Three Man March
Image: Eagle Flag
Image: DHWK
Image: Profile: Editor B
Image: Joint Wish
Location: Bloomington Big Lots
Image: Too Much Candy
Image: Big Lots Windshield
Image: XY Hulas
Image: Big Aisle
Image: Interesting Lots
Image: XY at the Lots
Image: Salmon Tongue
Image: As Seen on TV
Location: Bloomington Brewing Company
Image: Broken BBC
Image: Forklift Steve
Location: Bloomington Farmer's Market
Image: OrganiKarl
Location: Bloomington Health Center (Planned Parenthood)
Image: MLC at PP
Image: The More Life Coalition
Location: Bloomington Hospital
Image: B and His Bill
Image: J&B on the ROX Over Photo
Location: Bloomington Main Post Office
Image: Mental Housecleaning
Image: Responsible Puking
Image: Sixteen Cents
Location: Bloomington Police Department Headquarters
Image: Keddy
Location: Bluebird
Image: Turned Away
Location: Bourbon Street
Image: Hair of the Dog
Image: BJ & the Cure
Image: Can't Handle It
Image: Tequila Plus
Image: Erica Intros
Image: MOS
Image: Don't Drink Too Much
Image: Menudo Really Works
Location: Brad's House
Image: Brad Sings
Location: Bryan Park
Image: K.J. & Linda
Location: Bullwinkle's
Image: Moonwinkles
Location: Business/SPEA Building
Image: Adil Answers
Image: Something Very Nice
Image: Like Mojo
Image: Cracking Up
Location: Canal Street
Image: My Son Won't Die...
Image: Disarm Authority
Image: Pride Before Harrah's
Image: $top Corporate Greed
Image: An Ugly American
Location: Cappucino's
Image: B Reads Nell
Location: Carmel
Image: Dead Man's Float
Image: Dead Men Sip No Drinks
Image: 2 Oz. Cognac
Image: J Sips the DMF
Location: Cataract Falls
Image: J at the Toilet
Image: Toilet Bottom
Image: Toilet
Image: BATT
Image: BATT After
Image: Cataract Flats
Image: Lens
Location: CATS (formerly BCAT)
Image: Lexicon of Lies
Image: You're Watching BCAT3
Image: ALVA Matrix
Image: Dislocation
Image: J&B PIP
Location: Cedar Bluffs Nature Preserve
Image: Camera Operator Chris
Image: What?
Location: Chemistry Building
Image: Maxipad?
Location: China
Image: Begging for Fun
Location: Clark Fork River
Image: Bowling Ball
Location: College Avenue
Image: Honk For Choice
Location: College Mall
Image: B For Booze
Location: College Mall McDonald's
Image: McManager
Image: Cam 2: Frank
Location: Collins LLC
Image: Collins Living-Learning Center Sign
Image: Collins Lying Lusting Center
Image: Tom Collins
Image: Chair
Image: Smokin' Toast
Image: J&B at the LLC
Image: Leonine J
Image: J Eats
Image: Bonnie Recounts
Image: Hosedown
Image: Flowerpot Urinal
Image: Jim Explains
Image: Monty Cake
Location: Commerce Street
Image: Colored Entrance
Location: Cottage Grove
Image: Zima Slimeball
Image: Green Glass of Grossness
Image: T Blows
Location: County Line Mall
Image: The Prices Are Nice
Image: Slurpee
Location: Crisis Pregnancy Center
Image: Rodney Sings
Image: Crisis Pregnancy Center
Image: Contra Video
Location: Cypress Grove Cemetery
Image: B Fat Stats
Image: Headless Statue
Location: Daisybrain Media Center & Gallery
Image: Xy Sings
Image: Editing
Image: Füc Rox
Image: Your Weary Editor
Location: DialAmerica Marketing, Bloomington Branch Office
Image: DM Logo
Image: Too Tired
Location: Door County
Image: Stone Fence Squared
Image: Door Meadow
Image: Half Field
Location: Dunn
Image: Medicinal Effect
Image: J Slides
Image: B Slips
Image: Silver Cups
Image: Bike Worm
Image: No Ped
Location: Dunn Meadow
Image: Abstain
Image: Experimented
Image: Dog Hump
Image: Human Hump
Image: Dog Lick
Image: Juggle x 4
Image: Ed Reads
Image: RORR Flyer
Image: Fools in the Meadow
Image: Isa WTF?
Image: B Down
Image: Post-Parade Analysis
Image: Safety Pop
Image: Bubble Pop
Image: Sunglasses Mouth
Image: Kelly Parrot
Image: Betty Jump
Image: Anal Guitar Probe
Image: Betty Shock
Image: W Shock
Image: Liza @ Queerstock
Image: Ignorance is No Excuse for the Law
Location: Dunn Woods
Image: Green Leaves
Location: Eastland Plaza
Image: Filth
Location: Ellettsville
Image: XY and Friends
Location: Encore Café
Image: PJ Tripped
Image: Coffee Pusher
Image: JJBB
Location: Eric & Rachel's House on 12th Street
Image: Rachel Asks...
Image: Eye, Rachel
Image: Blue & White Rachel
Image: A Fistful of Tape
Location: Everpax
Image: Study Yoga
Image: B Under Bed
Image: B Slips a Tip to His Cool Cousins
Image: Split Screen
Image: I'm 36!
Image: J&B's Midlife Crisis
Image: Picayune
Image: Rearrange It
Image: Split Screen 2
Image: B Sums Up
Image: Paper Doll
Image: J Tastes B&C
Image: Mohawk Toast
Image: The Image of Success
Image: Fat Title
Image: Keepin' It Wheel
Image: Krisis
Image: Shannon
Image: Floodline
Image: Hangover Title
Location: Fez
Image: Fez On -- Hats Off
Image: Fez
Location: Folklore Institute
Image: Brian Jones
Image: B & Brian Jones
Image: Hanna Laughs
Location: Forest Isle
Image: Breaking In
Location: Fort Wayne
Image: Mildred
Location: Frank Southern Ice Arena
Image: Diane Teaches B
Image: Skate Consultant Diane
Image: Skaters
Image: Skating Video
Image: MF Angst
Image: XY Southern
Location: French Quarter
Image: Nice Legs
Image: Superthong
Image: Bunny Trio
Image: Silver Schlong
Image: Biological Attack Safe!!!
Image: Bush Duct
Image: Mardi B
Image: J Breath
Image: Wench Morgan
Image: Corona B
Location: Gary
Image: Welcome to Gary
Location: Gert Town
Image: Creighton Investigates
Image: Garbage Car
Location: Grandpa Sid's Trailer
Image: J=joe B=bart
Image: Bee Nose
Image: Wisconsin Cream Fizz
Image: Sugar Disaster
Image: Cherryland
Image: J&B on the Couch
Image: Sigmund and the Sea Monsters Board Game
Image: Evil Gnomes
Image: The Pig That Stares
Image: Tapestry Fawn
Location: Greene County
Image: Back Roads
Image: Girl Scout
Image: Fours and Fives
Location: Greene Hall
Image: Bart & Seth
Image: Seth
Image: Scooter
Image: Joe's Turd
Image: Profile of the Artist as a Young Man
Image: Seth Recounts
Location: Greenwood
Image: Scenic Greenwood, IN
Image: Woody's Wife
Image: Woody Burton, State Representative
Image: Woody Cry?
Image: Hill
Location: Homegrown Studios
Image: Thom
Image: Andrew
Image: Tony
Image: John
Image: Matthew Baucco
Image: Heather Hitson
Image: Interview with Christie
Image: Tom Gets Interviewed
Image: Shannon Gets Interviewed
Image: Vocabulary: Foley
Image: Richard Announcer
Image: Ritual Sacrifice
Image: Ossman
Location: HPER
Image: HPER Ball
Image: Anal J
Image: B's Embarrassing Earrings
Location: Indiana
Image: The RCA State
Image: Tomato for Hire
Image: Map Super
Location: Indiana Avenue
Image: Alan on Indiana
Location: Indiana Memorial Union
Image: Ash Tits
Image: 5 Urinals
Image: J's Old Office
Image: Cedar Flips Her Hair
Image: Axel Screams
Location: Indiana University, Bloomington Campus
Image: Streak
Image: Busted
Image: BJ Indiana
Image: Anonymous Woman
Image: Freestanding Urinals
Image: 2 Urinals
Image: 3 Urinals
Image: Hi Lo
Image: Maddock Madstone
Image: Climb A Tree
Image: Drink More
Image: Urinal Blocks
Image: Phil Explains
Image: CPC Fake
Image: Austin Bites
Location: Indianapolis
Image: Beer Before Sports
Image: Only Forgotten Son
Image: Love You
Location: IU Main Library
Image: 50!
Image: Urine Dance
Image: Jenny Books
Location: IU Music Building
Image: Women's Urinal
Image: Flautist
Location: IU School of Education
Image: Bow Down
Image: Phone Tag
Location: IU School of Fine Arts
Image: Editor B Raps
Location: IU Student Building
Image: J Reads
Location: J & Day's Pad
Image: Phallus
Image: Corey
Image: Drunk
Image: Oyster Sauce Lump
Image: Scooter Bob
Image: Vodka
Image: Messed Up
Image: Funny Looking
Image: Seven Year Itch
Image: Rocky Rumpus
Image: Dave's Itch
Image: Seven Year Itch Drink
Image: What's a Seven Year Itch?
Image: Puking Matt
Image: Twist of Pepper
Image: Your Bartender, J
Image: Day Drinks Vodka Cranberry
Image: Soft Porn
Image: Shortcut
Image: Carol
Image: Kelly
Image: Featuring Day
Image: J IV
Image: Disorientation
Image: Sorrows Drownder
Image: Strain the Itch
Image: Dave
Image: Split Screen
Image: Split Screen 2
Image: Napoleon Smells
Image: Tongue Stuck
Image: Mystery Revealed
Image: Fat Albert Title
Image: Niki Tastes
Image: Jorge Gets Fat
Image: Goddess Day
Image: Brandon's Torch
Image: Longer Than He Thought
Image: Russian J
Image: Camera Operator Ben
Image: Demolition Day
Image: Phone Duct
Image: J&B PIP
Image: Porcelain POV
Image: Herring Anyone?
Location: J's Mom & Dad's House
Image: Gladiator
Image: Stone Pipe J
Image: Nick Wigs Out
Image: Nick Bags Some Herb
Image: Pipe Down, Dan
Image: Knuckle Sucker Title
Image: 3 Oz. Clear, Sweet Carbonated Beverage
Image: J's Brother Alan
Image: Nick Nickell (J's Dad)
Image: Not Good
Location: Jackson Square
Image: Peace Fast
Image: Silver Couple
Image: Pirate David
Image: Electoral Hangover
Image: Menudo Doesn't Work
Location: Jamaican Motor Inn
Image: PaxScat
Location: JB's Salvage
Image: J&B on JB's
Location: Jeff & Cheryl's Apartment
Image: Tea for Alex
Image: Candid Jeff
Location: Jeff Davis Overpass
Image: Hitch-Hiking
Location: Jenny B's Parents' House
Image: Reaching
Location: John Waldron Arts Center
Image: Brad Wilhem Glitters
Image: Puppet Rap
Image: Puppet Knight
Image: CBGB
Image: Puppet Love
Image: Puppet Crowd
Image: TBlack Interrupts the Ceremony
Location: Johnson Creamery
Image: May Day
Image: Ready to Run
Location: Jordan Hall
Image: Richard Owen
Image: Alfred C. Kinsey
Image: Absolutely No Bicycles Or Pets Permitted In Jordan Hall
Image: Biking Jordan
Location: Kentucky
Image: Co-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ffee
Location: Kirkwood Avenue
Image: March
Image: Julie Against Cops
Image: Brennan for Anarchy
Image: Molly Anti-Anarchy
Image: Rachel Tongue
Image: Fools on Kirkwood
Image: Fools on the Corner
Image: Fools Forward
Image: Amused Passenger
Image: Change Fun Around
Image: Candyback
Image: Streetside
Image: Never Work / Drugz
Image: Question of the Heart
Image: Licia Runs
Image: Dum Hoz Interview
Image: Ooze Interview
Image: J&B in the HT
Image: Punks Suck
Location: La Bamba
Image: TBlack Laughs
Image: TBlack in the Kitchen
Location: Lake County Courthouse
Image: Spit
Image: Lake County Courthouse
Image: Howl
Image: Chomp
Image: Women Only
Image: Lay Down Your Buds
Location: Lake Griffy
Image: DS Skater
Image: Bundled
Image: Spud Wipes Out
Location: Lake Monroe
Image: Naked and Carefree
Location: Lexington
Image: J & Day Get Married
Image: Hornrim Halo
Image: Peaches and Cream
Image: J & Day Kiss
Location: Logansport
Location: Lojo's Apartment
Image: XY & Bailey
Image: Fisheye Mirror
Image: LoJo's Cow
Image: Dogs Like Beer
Location: Longview
Image: T Bill's Check
Location: Louisiana
Image: 1,733 Miles
Image: Contraflow on I-55
Location: M.E.A.D. Femtobrewery
Image: J&B at the M.E.A.D.
Image: Mark MEAD
Image: Eric MEAD
Image: Andy MEAD
Image: Daryl MEAD
Location: Mandeville
Image: Mandeville LA
Location: McCulla School
Image: November 1st
Image: Nest
Location: Men's Room at North Walnut Taco Bell
Image: The Bathroom Wall
Location: MF's Apartment
Image: Salome Cocktail
Image: Disgusting!
Image: A Sip of Salome for J
Image: Mary Frances
Image: MF in Her Own Words
Image: This is an apple.
Location: Michael's Uptown Cafe
Image: Uptown Sign
Image: Massung Quote
Location: Mid-City Lanes
Image: Floored
Image: Adoration
Image: MaryCam
Image: Blackmail
Location: Mid-City New Orleans
Image: Jose Marti
Image: Helen Anti Atkins
Image: Paul Fist
Image: Rosie Anti-Atkins
Image: Man of Ice
Image: What Were They Thinking?
Image: Bungover
Location: Mississippi
Image: Gotta Get Back
Location: Missoula
Image: Human Peace Sign
Image: Day on the Mic
Location: Missoula Super Wal-Mart
Image: What do you think about this war thing?
Image: Weird Beard
Image: Where's Iraq?
Location: Monique's Apartment
Image: XY's Video Journal -- NYC
Location: Monroe County Courthouse
Image: At the Courthouse
Image: Carp at the Courthouse
Image: J&B at the Courthouse
Location: Monroe County Injustice Building
Image: XY Cracks Up
Image: Jim Fielder Officiates
Image: Mike and Arie
Image: Legal Kiss
Location: Monroe County Public Library
Image: Keith Cracks Up
Location: Montana
Image: 1,733 Miles
Image: Ski Lift
Location: Moon
Image: Moon Pack
Location: Morocco
Image: Coin
Location: Mr. G's Apartment
Image: Mr. G's Layout
Image: B on the Floor
Image: Kremlin Kocktail
Image: Kremlin Sample
Image: Cheeziest
Image: Berliner
Image: Berliner Sample
Image: Parisian Blonde
Image: Whining Banana
Image: Sputum
Image: Whining Banana B
Image: Blend
Image: "Let us celebrate..."
Image: Mr. G Freaks Out
Image: Eat My Crotch!
Image: Circles
Image: Sphere
Location: Myers Hall
Image: Don't Listen To Us
Image: Meat B
Location: Myrtle Beach
Image: Philly Videophile
Image: Myrtle Beach Lager
Image: Myrtle Beach
Image: Crazy Place
Image: Spring Break Mentality
Image: 1993 High School Graduation
Image: The Route to Myrtle Beach
Image: Mike Wiltrout
Image: Advertise
Image: Friend 1
Image: Sunglass Glint
Location: New Orleans
Image: Jobs Not War
Image: Dana and Ellis
Image: David Bomb
Image: Dave Bomb
Image: Evelyn Bomb
Image: Ed Bomb
Image: JW Bomb
Image: Peace Poetry
Image: Morgan Bomb
Image: Jason Chews the Fat
Image: Rocawear
Image: No Trespassing
Location: New York City
Image: XY in NY
Image: Kurt Loder
Image: On the Street
Image: Straight Dope
Image: MF on Montel
Image: Candid Muhammad
Image: XY Dumpsters NY
Location: Partridge & Quigley Coffee Roasting Co.
Image: Quigley, Micro-roaster
Image: Rachel Sips
Location: People's Park
Image: Stan Stain
Location: Philadelphia
Image: Philly Videophile
Location: Pigeon Hill
Image: Pigeon B
Image: Railroad Umbrella
Image: J&B with a Cart
Location: Pike County
Image: Andrew Slurry
Location: Plantation South Apartments
Image: Floating
Location: Pluto
Image: Pluto, Illuminated
Location: Porticos
Image: Hooping It Up
Location: Potawatomi State Park
Image: Six Orange Mushrooms
Location: Primal Urge
Image: Slinkcam
Location: Purdue University
Image: Varro Tyler, PhD
Image: Interview
Location: Rawles Hall
Image: The Rawles Hall Door-Knocker Title
Location: Riptide II Beach Club
Image: Riptide II
Image: Friend 2
Image: Friend 3
Image: Friend 4
Location: Rose Well House
Image: My Mother, the Title
Image: Dr. Pat's Punch Title
Image: Unscrewed Title
Image: Down with DPP
Image: Smoke More
Image: Keddy Swings
Location: Salvation Army
Image: Drop Acid
Location: Sam's Apartment
Image: Samuel Harrison
Location: Seattle
Image: Office Workers
Image: Anti-Bush
Image: War Sucks, Dude!
Image: Seattle Sings
Image: Killing Civilians
Image: Marching for Years
Image: World Against War
Location: Second Story
Image: Qernie Rox
Location: Seddelmeyer Farm
Image: B Waves
Image: Calves
Image: Nancy Milks
Location: Sega Midwest Division
Image: Jim at Sega
Location: Seminary Square Kroger
Image: Ken Pimple
Image: HandiCam
Image: Rush Is God
Image: BFB #7
Image: Too Much Fun
Image: Take That!
Location: Solsberry
Image: Firetruck J
Location: South Carolina
Image: Carolina
Image: Rank 43
Image: Rank 43
Location: South Walnut Shell
Image: Squeegee
Location: Space Port
Image: JL Interview
Image: Eric Interview
Location: Spencer
Image: Trickstar & Babble
Location: St. Roch Shrine and Cemetery
Image: Zane Explains
Image: St. Roch Statue
Image: XY Thanks
Image: Healed Body Parts
Location: Stonebelt Shriner's Club
Image: Lee Can't Jump
Image: Brent Interview
Image: Brad & Grandad
Image: Spritzer Title
Image: Socko Hornline
Image: Brad & Cheryll
Location: Studio Six
Image: This is REAL Television
Image: Michael White
Image: Meanwhile, Back on Real TV
Image: Cam on TV
Image: Diane Logo
Image: Studio Six Sign
Image: Studio Six Six Six
Image: Purple B
Image: Double Take
Image: A Ward and Award
Location: Sturgeon Bay
Image: Land O' Beer
Image: J Fishes the Bay
Location: Suburban Lanes
Image: XY Bowls
Location: Taiwan
Image: TWROX Title
Image: Nei Nei Thumb
Image: Joey Z Trouble
Location: TBlack & Julie's Apartment in Taipei
Image: Julie, Briefly
Location: Ted Bowie's House
Image: B Is Taller
Image: Another Bad Creation
Image: Yellow Leaf
Image: Grand Mal
Image: Ecstatic
Image: Blow the Head
Image: Fit to be Drunk
Image: HypnoXY
Image: B and His Bill
Image: Pour It All In
Image: Mr. G Teaches
Image: Flauna & Forna
Image: Falling Sickness
Image: John 19:24
Image: Instructionator
Image: All-American Woman
Location: The Crow's Nest
Image: Overhead Projector
Image: LCD Viewfinder
Image: Fret Bowling
Image: Evans & Benham
Image: Dorksong
Image: Mosquito Cover
Image: LCD Rhythm Section
Location: The Eye
Image: Terry at the Eye
Location: The Gateway to the West
Image: Arch
Image: Gateway
Location: The RCA Dome
Image: Excitement
Image: Changing Indiana
Image: The RCA Dome
Image: Dome
Image: Culture
Image: The Man Tries to Shut Us Down
Image: Unhand That Camera
Image: Press Pass
Image: Thru the Lens of J
Image: Conversation with a Horse
Image: Mad
Image: Cheers
Image: Name Change
Image: Name Change 2
Location: The Tree That Owns Itself
Image: The Tree That Owns Itself
Location: Third Street Park
Image: Gratuitous Knife Scenes
Image: Keeping Fit With J
Image: Blackhead Title
Image: Leaf, Pleasure Seeker
Image: Jesse No-Shirt
Image: Kyle Gun
Location: Tibetan Cultural Center
Image: Mystical Title
Image: Damn Big Dog
Location: Toni Morrison Interchange
Image: TMI
Location: Tulip Trestle
Image: Vanishing Point
Image: Leap Drink
Image: Leap Leap
Image: Pant Pant Pant
Image: Trestle Infinitum
Image: Wheelchair Ramp
Image: Trestle
Image: Faith Healing
Image: J Pours O.J.
Image: Faith Resting
Location: University of Kentucky
Image: Dr. Pat Speaks
Location: Uptown New Orleans
Image: Peace March
Image: PJ Shows His Wits
Image: The Mohawking of PJ
Image: Freshly Shorn
Location: USA
Image: Flag Behind Fence
Image: Citizens Below Poverty Level
Location: Varsity Villas
Image: Ultra Snuggle
Image: Syrup
Location: Viacom Building
Image: XY on the Phone
Image: Lee Ann
Location: Waffle House on North College Ave
Image: B3
Image: On the Cutting Edge of Interactive Media
Image: Waffle Sign
Location: Walnut
Image: Guttersplat
Location: Warehouse District
Image: Lykes
Location: Washington Street
Image: Concentric Mark
Image: Fools on Washington
Image: Drugz on Washington
Image: Fools on Washington 2
Image: Pro-Change
Image: Sucker Punk
Location: Waveland
Image: Sandbar
Image: Prom Nite
Image: Flotation Device
Image: Waveland
Location: West Lafayette
Image: Rolling Downhill
Image: Ri-i-i-i-i-ip!
Location: White Oak Cemetery
Image: Death ROX
Image: Headstone
Image: Headstoned
Location: Wisconsin
Image: Road Title
Image: MKM Drives
Location: World Trade Center of New Orleans
Image: Dancing in the WTC
Location: Wylie House
Image: Behind Wylie
Image: Wylie Gizmo
Image: Wylie Curator
Location: Yo Ho Grocery
Image: Yo Ho Grocery
Pix for Locations:
The cheerleaders are doing what they do best.

Ultra Snuggle
XY channels the Snuggle bear mascot.

Big Lots Windshield
Even through our car's dirty windshield, the mere glimpse of a Big Lots storefront is enough to strike terror in the hearts of brave men.

Moosehead Chuck
Chuck raises a beer in celebration.

No Trespassing
B risks arrest for the sake of art.

For a few years, Editor B kept a D-Jar, full of words that begin with the letter D.

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