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Idea: Anarchy Diary
Image: Anarchy Diary: Installment #3
Image: Bible Reading
Image: TBlack Laughs
Image: TBlack in the Kitchen
Image: Qernie Rox
Image: AD1 Title
Image: AD2 Title
Idea: Degaz
Image: Degaz
Idea: Disturbed Monkey Love
Image: Disturbed Monkey Love Part 3
Image: Hornrim Halo
Image: Peaches and Cream
Image: Best DML Title
Idea: Dormitory Disorientation Manual
Image: Study Yoga
Image: Hitch-Hiking
Image: Another Toe-Sucking
Image: B Under Bed
Image: Acts of Will
Image: Goosebumps
Image: Jose Marti
Image: Disorientation
Idea: Financial Hardship
Image: B's Credit Card Debt
Image: J's Credit Card Debt
Image: JBM Earnings
Image: Rank 43
Image: Hospital Bill
Image: Rudiger Dornbusch
Image: The Wages of Unemployment
Image: B For Booze
Image: Citizens Below Poverty Level
Idea: How Streaking Saved My Life
Image: Busted
Image: Streak
Idea: J&B's Freshman Orientation Tips
Image: Where To Have Anonymous Bathroom Sex
Image: Take Drugs Often
Image: Don't Drink These Drinks
Image: Absolutely No Bicycles Or Pets Permitted In Jordan Hall
Image: Biking Jordan
Image: Don't Listen To Us
Idea: J&B's Video Erotica
Image: J&B's Video Erotica
Image: Massive Tool
Image: Penetrating the Flower
Image: Toe Lick
Image: Fig Licker
Idea: Jera
Image: Jera
Idea: John 19:28
Image: John 19:24
Image: "I Am Thirsty."
Image: J&B and John
Image: B Cites John
Idea: Laguz
Image: Xy Draws Laguz
Idea: Now is the Hour
Image: Now is the Hour
Idea: O Blackest Hour
Image: Puppet Rap
Idea: Psalms 82:5
Image: How Stupid!
Idea: Real Mail from Real People
Image: PS: Your Show Rocks!
Image: Six Commas
Image: Autofellatio
Image: Another Receipt
Image: Coin
Image: More Genitalia
Image: Dick Reads
Image: Rude, Crass & Banal
Image: Letter Writer Ethan
Image: Flatulent Assholes
Image: Daze Recipe
Image: Chuck at the Hearth
Image: Money from Chamooga
Image: 711 E. Cottage Grover
Idea: ROX Music Videos
Image: Nice Legs
Image: Paper Doll
Image: Meat Bikini
Idea: ROX Title Frames
Image: Cutty ROX
Image: Gateway
Image: XY in NY
Image: J&B Eat Garlic
Image: All Saint's Day
Image: Blood on the Dial
Image: The RCA State
Image: A Leap of Faith
Image: The Harvest
Image: Six Six Six
Image: The Eternal Return
Image: A Badly Dubbed Foreign Film
Image: B's Summer Vacation
Image: A Toast to Poverty
Image: Seven Year Itch
Image: Buzz Title
Image: J&B Get Baked
Image: Industrial Strength Title
Image: Tying Original
Image: Tying One On
Image: J&B on Static
Image: J&B's Video Erotica
Image: Love on the ROX
Image: Bahamian Rhapsody
Image: Head Jobz
Image: How to Load Fruit
Image: J&B on Ice
Image: In Praise of Folly
Image: J&B's Midlife Crisis
Image: Falling Behind
Image: Up All Nite
Image: A Festival of Fools
Image: J&B on the ROX Over Photo
Image: J&B on the ROX
Image: Slave Title
Image: Java Title
Image: Fat Title
Image: Work Mind Title
Image: My Mother, the Title
Image: Frosh Title
Image: Mental Housecleaning
Image: Boyz Nite Title
Image: Mom, Dad, I'm Getting Married
Image: Sloppy Title
Image: Potable Title
Image: Y Title
Image: Thanx Title
Image: Mish Mosh Revisited Title
Image: Our Drinking Title
Image: Concatenation Title
Image: Fifteen Seconds Title
Image: Nature Title
Image: Mystical Title
Image: GVI Title
Image: Property Title II
Image: Property Title
Image: Flow Title
Image: Sunday Title
Image: 93 Title
Image: Brew Title
Image: Hangover Title
Idea: Taiwan ROX
Image: TWROX Title
Idea: The Lighter
Image: Lighter with Stoned Wheat Thins
Image: Posterized Lighter
Image: Lighter on Panelling
Idea: The Real Real World
Image: Wired
Idea: To the Graduating Class
Image: 521
Image: B Reads
Image: J Reads
Image: Peter Pan
Image: And now... a poem.
Image: Naked and Carefree
Image: Climb A Tree
Image: Uptown Sign
Image: Smoke More
Image: Drink More
Image: It's Over
Idea: Trouble on the soap box
Image: J&B in the HT
Image: Massung Quote
Idea: TV: Communication or Manipulation?
Image: Cam on TV
Idea: Unstructured (Life) Style Draws Cult Following
Image: Jenny B, J&B, TBlack
Image: J Bud IDS
Idea: We're not a couple
Image: J&B at Table
Image: J&B on the Trax
Image: In the beginning...
Image: Sputum
Image: "Let us celebrate..."
Image: Joe & B
Image: Best Foreign Film Awards
Image: Myrtle Beach Lager Impressions
Image: B Is Taller
Image: J&B on the Keg
Image: J&B at the LLC
Image: Split Screen
Image: G-A-R-M-E-N-T
Image: Split Screen 2
Image: The Spectacle
Image: The Route to Myrtle Beach
Image: J&B Sing
Image: Talk Talk Talk
Image: J&B Toast
Image: J&B on JB's
Image: J&B in Bed
Image: J&B in the Attic
Image: Focal Yokels
Image: J&B Again
Image: Post-Parade Analysis
Image: Amaretto Sour
Image: J=joe B=bart
Image: Wisconsin Cream Fizz
Image: Cherryland
Image: J&B on the Couch
Image: Coffee Pusher
Image: Mohawk Toast
Image: J Mellows, B Wigs
Image: The Wages of Unemployment
Image: Smoke More
Image: Blue Law
Image: Mental Housecleaning
Image: J Drinks, B Gesticulates
Image: Two Thumbs Up
Image: J&B in the Rain
Image: God Bless My Undies
Image: Mystical Title
Image: BJ Never
Image: Railroad Umbrella
Image: J&B with a Cart
Image: Off to Church
Image: J&B and John
Image: How ROX Works
Image: Two Black Pocket Tees
Image: CCR
Image: Temulency Defined
Image: J&B PIP
Image: Coprophagia Corner
Image: Bar Talk
Image: Season Zero Cover
Image: J&B on the Porch
Image: Syrup & Cola
Image: J&B at the Courthouse
Pix for Ideas:
Nature Title
Title frame for ROX #47.

Railroad Umbrella
B continues with the nonstop statistics, while J contends with umbrella difficulties.

Coprophagia Corner
J&B pay a visit to Coprophagia Corner and get themselves in a wee bit of trouble.

As XY's mother said: "You can't possibly go to New York with all that facial hair."

Bar Talk

Love on the ROX
Title frame for "Love on the ROX."

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