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A slightly skewed perspective on Midwestern morality.

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Idea: Play Slimeball
Drink: Zima Slimeball
Idea: Real Mail From Real People
Drink: Bolla Soave
Drink: Hot Scot
Drink: Martinelli's Sparkling Cider
Drink: One for the Road
Drink: Shandy Gaff
Drink: The Slacker
Drink: Chamomile Tea
Drink: Another Bad Creation
Drink: Crotch Cooler
Drink: Head Buzz
Drink: High School Daze
Drink: Same Old Shit
Drink: Vaginal Blood Fart
Drink: Whisky Hairball
Pix for Ideas:
Brad Sings
Brad Wilhelm sings "Champagne Lady."

J&B return to Conception Corner.

"...hitch-hike or hop a train..."

Joe & B
"Joe & B on the ROX" just doesn't have the same ring.

Fret Bowling
Any extreme to get just the right note out of that guitar.

BJ Never
B explains why he never stands to the right of J.

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