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ROX #51: What's in Store for '94




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Title: "What's in Store for '94"

Series: ROX
Season: two
Episode Number: 51
Production Date: unknown
Running Time: 0:00

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Production Notes:

February 7th, 2004
Lost Forever?

B: When last I checked (December of 2003) the master tape for ROX #51 was missing from the CATS archive. Since I don't have a dub of this show, this one may be lost for good — unless somebody out there has a copy. If so, please let us know!


February 11th, 2004
ROX Fanboy Saves The Day

W. Owen: I do. (Of course I do...)

Only got one video deck working right now, but I should be able to dub off a passable copy and run it over to CATS when my hardware situation is more amenable to it.

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