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People by Drink

Drink: 15 Second Sundae
Person: Moonboy
Drink: Aston Martini
Person: Mary H
Drink: Bailey's & Coffee
Person: Tall Steve
Drink: Bailey's on the Rox
Person: MF
Drink: Banana Daiquiri
Person: Worm
Drink: Bass Pale Ale
Person: Russ
Drink: Big K Slammer
Person: Jay Barbas
Drink: Bleach Blonde
Person: B
Drink: Blue Hawaiian
Person: Osho
Drink: Bolla Soave
Person: The Lab
Drink: Bourbon & C
Person: B
Person: Xy
Drink: Busch Beer
Person: George H. W. Bush
Drink: CBGB
Person: B
Person: Xy
Drink: Chamomile Tea
Person: Chamooga
Drink: Christ with a Y
Person: B
Person: Xy
Drink: Coffee & Cream
Person: Anal
Drink: Cold Chocolate
Person: Xy
Drink: Diet 7-Up Shot
Person: Michael Northam
Drink: Dixie Cocktail
Person: MKM
Drink: Dr. Nickell's Knuckle-Sucker
Person: Dr. Pat
Drink: Dr. Pat's Punch
Person: Dr. Pat
Drink: Fat Albert
Person: Niki
Drink: Fireball
Person: TBlack
Drink: Gennifer Flowers Screwdriver
Person: Gennifer Flowers
Drink: Grandpa's Morning Secret
Person: Chamooga
Drink: Guinness Extra Stout
Person: Russ
Drink: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Person: Doug ???
Person: Jodi Stiles
Person: TBlack
Drink: Hairy Butthole
Person: John Bierman
Drink: Hairy Earlobe
Person: Russ
Drink: Helluva Buzz
Person: W. Owen
Drink: Hot Rod Ale Flip
Person: John Bierman
Drink: Hot Scot
Person: C May
Drink: Irish Whisky Highball
Person: MKM
Drink: Loaded Sherbet
Person: Chance
Person: Moonboy
Person: Xy
Drink: Medicinal Brandy
Person: Xy
Drink: Mintal Ward
Person: Diane Ward
Drink: Nutty Worm
Person: Worm
Drink: Philo T. Farnsworth Float
Person: Philo T. Farnsworth
Drink: Pilsner Urquell
Person: Russ
Drink: Piper
Person: C
Drink: Prarie Fire
Person: Tony
Drink: Prince Kropotkin's Pumpkin Cup
Person: B
Person: Peter Kropotkin
Drink: Pusser's Painkiller
Person: Xy
Drink: Quick Uncomfortable Screw
Person: Dr. Pat
Drink: Salome Cocktail
Person: MF
Drink: Same Old Shit
Person: Joe M. Ma
Drink: Scotch & Ashes
Person: Eugene
Person: Russ
Drink: Scotch on the Rocks
Person: B
Drink: Shandy Gaff
Person: C May
Drink: Shortcut
Person: Carol
Person: Kelly
Drink: Shriner Spritzer
Person: Xy
Drink: Sorrows Drownder
Person: Cousin Matt
Drink: Stoli Frozoli
Person: Russ
Drink: Stone Fence (Road Version)
Person: B
Person: MKM
Drink: TBlack Jack
Person: TBlack
Drink: The Whiner
Person: B
Person: Jenny B
Person: Xy
Drink: Twister
Person: MKM
Drink: Vaginal Blood Fart
Person: Michael Stull
Person: Troy ?
Drink: Vanishing Point
Person: Worm
Drink: Vodka Cranberry
Person: Day
Drink: Watney's Cream Stout
Person: Xy
Person: Chris Maron
Person: Kelly Slinkman
Drink: Wisconsin Cream Fizz
Person: B
Drink: Xy's Gin & Tonic
Person: Xy
Drink: Zima
Person: Dave Ossman
Drink: Zombie
Person: Jenny B
Pix for Drinx:
Apple B.J. 2
J gets ready to mix another Apple B.J.

Brownie Blues Title
B introduces another fine concoction by the resident ROX mixologist.

Goddess Day
Day samples the Porcelain Goddess, mixed just for her by our resident mixologist, who also happens to be her husband.

Piña Title
If you like piña coladas...

Separate Egg
Separate the egg white from the yolk.

Two Ounces
J uses sign language to indicate that you should add two ounces of creme de menthe to your drink.

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