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Comment: "Disturbed" ain't fucking kidding around.
Image: Peaches and Cream
Image: Hornrim Halo
Comment: "Oh happy accident, the dust to raise and see"
Image: Egg Eyes
Image: 11th Poorest
Image: Drop Acid
Image: Screening Notes for ROX #31
Comment: "Old Bristly" here with a quick comment...
Image: Biking Jordan
Image: Richard Owen
Comment: @ diary 3...
Image: Trickstar & Babble
Comment: A Prize-Winning Show About Being on Another Show for Winning a Prize with a Previous Show
Image: Six Six Six
Image: A Ward and Award
Comment: A Triumph of the Swill
Image: Scenic Greenwood, IN
Image: Varro Tyler, PhD
Image: Welcome to Gary
Comment: An Accidental Episode
Image: Spit 7-Up
Image: J & Michael Play
Image: The Face of Michael Northam
Comment: And So It Began
Image: In the beginning...
Comment: Argh...
Image: J&B's Midlife Crisis
Comment: B-Free TV
Image: Bahamian Rhapsody
Comment: Baked Log
Image: J&B Get Baked
Comment: Bean There
Image: Slave Title
Comment: Born Underground
Image: In the beginning...
Image: JBM
Image: Special Guest, Jim "No Show" Knowlton
Comment: Busted
Image: Disorientation
Comment: C'est Magnifique ROX #89
Image: Nice Legs
Comment: China
Image: Begging for Fun
Comment: cliffhanger
Image: Conception Corner
Comment: Don't try this at home
Image: Spit
Image: Woody Burton, State Representative
Image: Woody Cry?
Image: Chomp
Comment: Dunn Gone
Image: The End of an Era
Comment: Eat my crotch, you sanctimonious bastard!
Image: Cheeziest
Image: Massive Tool
Image: Seasoned B
Comment: fecal fetish
Image: Censored!
Image: Talk Talk Talk
Comment: Flaccid Phalli Inflame Fastidious Faultfinders
Image: We Can't Show
Image: Episode #22
Comment: haircut photo
Image: Good Haircut
Comment: Ill Omen
Image: Jera
Comment: improved lighting
Image: Tall Steve
Image: An Experiment That Failed
Image: The Spectacle
Comment: It's Not What You Think
Image: 50!
Comment: Loaded, Loaded
Image: How to Load Fruit
Image: JP Sings
Image: BK Laughs
Comment: Lucky Day
Image: Fools on Washington
Image: Too Much Candy
Image: Flyer for Festival of Fools Parade
Comment: Mail Pattern
Image: Six Commas
Image: Rude, Crass & Banal
Image: Letter Writer Ethan
Comment: Marti Time
Image: Jose Marti
Comment: Misquoting Andy
Image: Fifteen Seconds Title
Image: Warhol Quote
Comment: Mohawk Sunday ROX #90
Image: PJ Shows His Wits
Image: The Mohawking of PJ
Comment: More Like Eight Years
Image: Seven Year Itch
Image: Jose Marti
Comment: More the Fools We
Image: Green Glass of Grossness
Image: Zima Slimeball
Comment: Not Really a Program Per Se
Image: Schematic Title
Image: Trip Tape Title
Image: Lawyer Title
Comment: Not Who You Think
Image: TMI
Comment: Oops
Image: Turn Off Your T.V. Now
Comment: Out with a whimper
Image: B's Credit Card Debt
Image: Editing
Comment: ProtoROX
Image: Do Not Become Confused
Image: Tree Rex
Image: The Sage Has No Mind Of His Own
Comment: R.I.P.
Image: Molly Anti-Anarchy
Comment: Rudi Don't Fail
Image: Rudiger Dornbusch
Comment: So that's what that place is
Image: MLC at PP
Comment: Solid State
Image: The RCA State
Comment: Sorry, No Apologies
Image: All Friends
Image: Potable Title
Comment: Still Standing
Image: 521
Comment: Suggestion
Image: Snotrag
Image: Medicinal Brandy
Image: Words of Wisdom
Comment: The Butt of the Joke
Image: Censored!
Image: Talk Talk Talk
Comment: The Coffee Keeps Coming
Image: PJ Tripped
Comment: The Episode That Wasn't
Image: Dead Men Sip No Drinks
Image: Better Than Potable
Image: 2 Oz. Cognac
Image: J Sips the DMF
Comment: The Longest Trestle
Image: Trestle
Comment: The Only Show We Ever Scripted
Image: Mr. G Freaks Out
Image: Massive Tool
Image: Eat My Crotch!
Comment: The penultimate ROX episode.
Image: Hard-on?
Image: Zima Slimeball
Image: J
Comment: This Way Lies Madness....
Image: Screaming for Scotch
Comment: Title Frames
Image: XY in NY
Image: J&B Eat Garlic
Image: All Saint's Day
Image: Blood on the Dial
Image: Dead Man's Float
Image: The RCA State
Image: A Leap of Faith
Image: Six Six Six
Image: The Harvest
Image: Gateway
Image: The Eternal Return
Image: A Badly Dubbed Foreign Film
Image: B's Summer Vacation
Image: A Toast to Poverty
Image: Seven Year Itch
Image: Buzz Title
Image: J&B Get Baked
Image: Industrial Strength Title
Image: In Praise of Folly
Image: Falling Behind
Image: Tying Original
Image: Tying One On
Image: J&B on Static
Image: J&B's Video Erotica
Image: Love on the ROX
Image: Bahamian Rhapsody
Image: Head Jobz
Image: How to Load Fruit
Image: J&B on Ice
Image: J&B's Midlife Crisis
Comment: toilet humor
Image: J at the Toilet
Image: Toilet Bottom
Image: Toilet
Comment: Treasured Trash
Image: Ultra Snuggle
Image: Syrup
Image: B Reads
Comment: Tussin' up, tussin' down, tussin' all around.
Image: Brain Wax
Image: Worm Hate
Comment: typhoon vs hurricane
Image: TWROX Title
Comment: UGGGH!
Image: Thanx Title
Image: Stir The Fuck Out Of It
Image: Rodney Sings
Comment: Urine Good Company
Image: Indiana Urinalysis
Comment: Video Rap Lyrics
Image: Editor B Raps
Comment: We did it our way
Image: Puppet B
Image: Puppet XY
Image: TBlack Interrupts the Ceremony
Comment: We Got Here First
Image: Hello World
Image: Hard-on?
Comment: Welcome to Bloomington!
Image: Jenny B, J&B, TBlack
Image: J Bud IDS
Comment: What I learned from this episode...
Image: Unloading Supplies
Comment: What Xy Stands For
Image: XY
Image: Featuring XY
Image: XY IV
Image: XY in NY
Comment: When J Was Joe
Image: Brain Wax
Comment: Where We At
Image: B Slips a Tip to His Cool Cousins
Comment: Who Is Nell Smith?
Image: B Reads Nell
Comment: Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes??
Image: Liza @ Queerstock
Comment: why goodbye?
Image: Converse Corner
Image: This Is Fucked Up
Image: All-Stars
Comment: XY in NY, LA, SF & Rotterdam
Image: XY in NY
Comment: Yep, kinda lame.
Image: Fly Boy
Comment: Yes, I Named This One...
Image: Helluva Title
Comment: You can get drunk just by watching it...
Image: Brew Title
Comment: You Say Tussin, I Say Tossin....
Image: Brain Wax
Pix for Comment:
The Face of Michael Northam
Michael Northam paid us a visit as he passed through Bloomington, Indiana.

Rude, Crass & Banal
Our viewers know quality when they don't see it.

Massive Tool
We thought it was blatantly obvious that this guy was stroking a dildo, not a real penis. But the TV station didn't see it that way...

Falling Behind
Title frame for "Falling Behind."

B Reads Nell
B reads a letter to the editor from Nell Smith.

Brad & Grandad
On his wedding day, Brad gives props to his grandfather.

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