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Comment: "Disturbed" ain't fucking kidding around.
Image: Peaches and Cream
Image: Hornrim Halo
Comment: "Oh happy accident, the dust to raise and see"
Image: Egg Eyes
Image: 11th Poorest
Image: Drop Acid
Image: Screening Notes for ROX #31
Comment: "Old Bristly" here with a quick comment...
Image: Biking Jordan
Image: Richard Owen
Comment: @ diary 3...
Image: Trickstar & Babble
Comment: A Prize-Winning Show About Being on Another Show for Winning a Prize with a Previous Show
Image: Six Six Six
Image: A Ward and Award
Comment: A Triumph of the Swill
Image: Scenic Greenwood, IN
Image: Varro Tyler, PhD
Image: Welcome to Gary
Comment: An Accidental Episode
Image: Spit 7-Up
Image: J & Michael Play
Image: The Face of Michael Northam
Comment: And So It Began
Image: In the beginning...
Comment: Argh...
Image: J&B's Midlife Crisis
Comment: B-Free TV
Image: Bahamian Rhapsody
Comment: Baked Log
Image: J&B Get Baked
Comment: Bean There
Image: Slave Title
Comment: Born Underground
Image: In the beginning...
Image: JBM
Image: Special Guest, Jim "No Show" Knowlton
Comment: Busted
Image: Disorientation
Comment: C'est Magnifique ROX #89
Image: Nice Legs
Comment: China
Image: Begging for Fun
Comment: cliffhanger
Image: Conception Corner
Comment: Don't try this at home
Image: Spit
Image: Woody Burton, State Representative
Image: Woody Cry?
Image: Chomp
Comment: Dunn Gone
Image: The End of an Era
Comment: Eat my crotch, you sanctimonious bastard!
Image: Cheeziest
Image: Massive Tool
Image: Seasoned B
Comment: fecal fetish
Image: Censored!
Image: Talk Talk Talk
Comment: Flaccid Phalli Inflame Fastidious Faultfinders
Image: We Can't Show
Image: Episode #22
Comment: haircut photo
Image: Good Haircut
Comment: Ill Omen
Image: Jera
Comment: improved lighting
Image: Tall Steve
Image: An Experiment That Failed
Image: The Spectacle
Comment: It's Not What You Think
Image: 50!
Comment: Loaded, Loaded
Image: How to Load Fruit
Image: JP Sings
Image: BK Laughs
Comment: Lucky Day
Image: Fools on Washington
Image: Too Much Candy
Image: Flyer for Festival of Fools Parade
Comment: Mail Pattern
Image: Six Commas
Image: Rude, Crass & Banal
Image: Letter Writer Ethan
Comment: Marti Time
Image: Jose Marti
Comment: Misquoting Andy
Image: Fifteen Seconds Title
Image: Warhol Quote
Comment: Mohawk Sunday ROX #90
Image: PJ Shows His Wits
Image: The Mohawking of PJ
Comment: More Like Eight Years
Image: Seven Year Itch
Image: Jose Marti
Comment: More the Fools We
Image: Green Glass of Grossness
Image: Zima Slimeball
Comment: Not Really a Program Per Se
Image: Schematic Title
Image: Trip Tape Title
Image: Lawyer Title
Comment: Not Who You Think
Image: TMI
Comment: Oops
Image: Turn Off Your T.V. Now
Comment: Out with a whimper
Image: B's Credit Card Debt
Image: Editing
Comment: ProtoROX
Image: Do Not Become Confused
Image: Tree Rex
Image: The Sage Has No Mind Of His Own
Comment: R.I.P.
Image: Molly Anti-Anarchy
Comment: Rudi Don't Fail
Image: Rudiger Dornbusch
Comment: So that's what that place is
Image: MLC at PP
Comment: Solid State
Image: The RCA State
Comment: Sorry, No Apologies
Image: All Friends
Image: Potable Title
Comment: Still Standing
Image: 521
Comment: Suggestion
Image: Snotrag
Image: Medicinal Brandy
Image: Words of Wisdom
Comment: The Butt of the Joke
Image: Censored!
Image: Talk Talk Talk
Comment: The Coffee Keeps Coming
Image: PJ Tripped
Comment: The Episode That Wasn't
Image: Dead Men Sip No Drinks
Image: Better Than Potable
Image: 2 Oz. Cognac
Image: J Sips the DMF
Comment: The Longest Trestle
Image: Trestle
Comment: The Only Show We Ever Scripted
Image: Mr. G Freaks Out
Image: Massive Tool
Image: Eat My Crotch!
Comment: The penultimate ROX episode.
Image: Hard-on?
Image: Zima Slimeball
Image: J
Comment: This Way Lies Madness....
Image: Screaming for Scotch
Comment: Title Frames
Image: XY in NY
Image: J&B Eat Garlic
Image: All Saint's Day
Image: Blood on the Dial
Image: Dead Man's Float
Image: The RCA State
Image: A Leap of Faith
Image: Six Six Six
Image: The Harvest
Image: Gateway
Image: The Eternal Return
Image: A Badly Dubbed Foreign Film
Image: B's Summer Vacation
Image: A Toast to Poverty
Image: Seven Year Itch
Image: Buzz Title
Image: J&B Get Baked
Image: Industrial Strength Title
Image: In Praise of Folly
Image: Falling Behind
Image: Tying Original
Image: Tying One On
Image: J&B on Static
Image: J&B's Video Erotica
Image: Love on the ROX
Image: Bahamian Rhapsody
Image: Head Jobz
Image: How to Load Fruit
Image: J&B on Ice
Image: J&B's Midlife Crisis
Comment: toilet humor
Image: J at the Toilet
Image: Toilet Bottom
Image: Toilet
Comment: Treasured Trash
Image: Ultra Snuggle
Image: Syrup
Image: B Reads
Comment: Tussin' up, tussin' down, tussin' all around.
Image: Brain Wax
Image: Worm Hate
Comment: typhoon vs hurricane
Image: TWROX Title
Comment: UGGGH!
Image: Thanx Title
Image: Stir The Fuck Out Of It
Image: Rodney Sings
Comment: Urine Good Company
Image: Indiana Urinalysis
Comment: Video Rap Lyrics
Image: Editor B Raps
Comment: We did it our way
Image: Puppet B
Image: Puppet XY
Image: TBlack Interrupts the Ceremony
Comment: We Got Here First
Image: Hello World
Image: Hard-on?
Comment: Welcome to Bloomington!
Image: Jenny B, J&B, TBlack
Image: J Bud IDS
Comment: What I learned from this episode...
Image: Unloading Supplies
Comment: What Xy Stands For
Image: XY
Image: Featuring XY
Image: XY IV
Image: XY in NY
Comment: When J Was Joe
Image: Brain Wax
Comment: Where We At
Image: B Slips a Tip to His Cool Cousins
Comment: Who Is Nell Smith?
Image: B Reads Nell
Comment: Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes??
Image: Liza @ Queerstock
Comment: why goodbye?
Image: Converse Corner
Image: This Is Fucked Up
Image: All-Stars
Comment: XY in NY, LA, SF & Rotterdam
Image: XY in NY
Comment: Yep, kinda lame.
Image: Fly Boy
Comment: Yes, I Named This One...
Image: Helluva Title
Comment: You can get drunk just by watching it...
Image: Brew Title
Comment: You Say Tussin, I Say Tossin....
Image: Brain Wax
Pix for Comment:
J&B on Ice
Title frame for "J&B on Ice."

Conception Corner
B slices open a loaded condom over a jar with an egg in it as part of science experiment that ultimately failed.

In Praise of Folly
Title frame for "In Praise of Folly."

Tying One On
Title frame for "Tying One On." (Revised 2003)

Fifteen Seconds Title
Title frame for ROX #27. That's a toilet handle being flushed. The symbolism should be obvious.

Zima Slimeball
Victim of a clever Internet parody, J mixes up a Zima Slimeball.

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