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A life/art/video/alcohol matrix. With subtext.

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Comment: A Suck Job That Didn't
Person: Carl Steadman
Comment: Blame Him
Person: Eric Ost
Comment: Disconnect
Person: El Jefe
Comment: Hangin' with 13ers
Person: Murf
Comment: I Confess
Person: Charleen Potter
Comment: J, Just Stay the Fuck Out of My Head!!!
Person: J
Comment: Marti Time
Person: Jose Marti
Comment: Our First Camera Operator
Person: MKM
Comment: Our Source for Orgones
Person: Michael Stutz
Comment: R.I.P.
Person: Molly Shimer
Comment: Rudi Don't Fail
Person: Rudiger Dornbusch
Comment: Taylor Made
Person: Phil Taylor
Comment: That Guy Ben
Person: Ben Bloch
Comment: The Mysterious Death of the Ice Cream Man
Person: Ice Cream Man
Comment: To Be Frank
Person: Frank Green
Comment: What Xy Stands For
Person: Xy
Comment: When J Was Joe
Person: J
Comment: Who Is Nell Smith?
Person: Nell Smith
Pix for Comment:
Fifteen Seconds Title
Title frame for ROX #27. That's a toilet handle being flushed. The symbolism should be obvious.

Conception Corner
B slices open a loaded condom over a jar with an egg in it as part of science experiment that ultimately failed.

J&B Get Baked
Title frame for "J&B Get Baked"

B Reads Nell
B reads a letter to the editor from Nell Smith.

Peaches and Cream
A disturbed monkey-woman applies whipped cream to her peach.

Buzz Title
Title frame for ROX #60, "Sustaining the Buzz."

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