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Locations by Comment

Comment: 5 Years later
Location: New York City
Comment: A place of legend
Location: 521 N Washington
Comment: Ask EXON to please stop gouging us
Location: Earth
Comment: Bloomington ROX
Location: Bloomington
Comment: Born Underground
Location: Basement at 711 East Cottage Grove
Comment: China
Location: China
Comment: Clearly a creek, not a river
Location: Jordan River
Comment: Dunn Gone
Location: 344 South Dunn
Comment: Much is Accomplished
Location: Karachi
Comment: No bikes or pets in Jordan Hall
Location: Jordan Hall
Comment: Not Who You Think
Location: Toni Morrison Interchange
Comment: Oh Canada!!!
Location: Canada
Comment: Our Old Uptown Home
Location: 2839 Palmer
Comment: ROX and middle age
Location: Canada
Comment: ROX New York
Location: Times Square
Comment: Shut Down by the Man
Location: Greenwood Park Mall
Comment: So that's what that place is
Location: Bloomington Health Center (Planned Parenthood)
Comment: Still Standing
Location: 521 N Washington
Comment: The Longest Trestle
Location: Tulip Trestle
Comment: The University of Alcohol
Location: Big Red Liquors
Comment: typhoon vs hurricane
Location: Taiwan
Comment: Upstairs Downstairs
Location: The Attic
Comment: War IS the Answer
Location: Yukon
Comment: Weird!
Location: Eton Mews
Comment: Where the Commerce Is
Location: Commerce Street
Comment: Where We At
Location: Everpax
Pix for Comment:
All Friends
Russ and Tblack share a cup of coffee on the front porch, just to let viewers know they're still friends, despite the shenanigans at the party. "Here's to love and life and friendship!"

Scenic Greenwood, IN
ROX makes a triumphant return to B's hometown.

Slave Title
Title frame for "Slaves to the Bean."

J&B welcome Michael Northam to the show.

Episode #22
Scotch neat. A manly drink for a manly affair.

Industrial Strength Title
Title frame for "Industrial Strength Episode"

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