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A life/art/video/alcohol matrix. With subtext.

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Locations by Comment

Comment: 5 Years later
Location: New York City
Comment: A place of legend
Location: 521 N Washington
Comment: Ask EXON to please stop gouging us
Location: Earth
Comment: Bloomington ROX
Location: Bloomington
Comment: Born Underground
Location: Basement at 711 East Cottage Grove
Comment: China
Location: China
Comment: Clearly a creek, not a river
Location: Jordan River
Comment: Dunn Gone
Location: 344 South Dunn
Comment: Much is Accomplished
Location: Karachi
Comment: No bikes or pets in Jordan Hall
Location: Jordan Hall
Comment: Not Who You Think
Location: Toni Morrison Interchange
Comment: Oh Canada!!!
Location: Canada
Comment: Our Old Uptown Home
Location: 2839 Palmer
Comment: ROX and middle age
Location: Canada
Comment: ROX New York
Location: Times Square
Comment: Shut Down by the Man
Location: Greenwood Park Mall
Comment: So that's what that place is
Location: Bloomington Health Center (Planned Parenthood)
Comment: Still Standing
Location: 521 N Washington
Comment: The Longest Trestle
Location: Tulip Trestle
Comment: The University of Alcohol
Location: Big Red Liquors
Comment: typhoon vs hurricane
Location: Taiwan
Comment: Upstairs Downstairs
Location: The Attic
Comment: War IS the Answer
Location: Yukon
Comment: Weird!
Location: Eton Mews
Comment: Where the Commerce Is
Location: Commerce Street
Comment: Where We At
Location: Everpax
Pix for Comment:
This Is Fucked Up
J rants about the inequities of global capitalism.

Seven Year Itch
Title frame for "The Seven Year Itch."

Thanx Title
Title frame for "J&B Give Thanx."

Tall Steve
Tall Steve makes his first appearance on ROX.

J Sips the DMF
J samples his handiwork.

Mr. G Freaks Out
A nice view up the camera operator's nose.

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