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Communication and Self Expression




Title: Communication and Self Expression
Type: review
Date: January 30th, 2012

The only degree I actually have, though this conflicts with the information on my resume, is in TV and Radio Broadcasting. My interest in this field was in front of the camera. My thought was if I understood behind the camera activity, it would help me with my work as a talent, and empower me to create my own unique opportunities.
I ended up being in and out of the video biz over the years. The professional jobs I was getting behind the lens were not helping me get in front of the lens. ROX was my first real chance to combine the two disciplines. I moved to Chicago and then to Taiwan, post hiatus, to keep the “performance career” rolling. Though I achieved a working actor's success on the island there was as much dissatisfaction as there was financial stability. That's when it finally struck me that my interest in theater and video was to express myself, not to make a career. This completely set my creativity free. It inspired me to write and perform my first one man show in Taiwan and what continues to drive me to write my next one...along with a list of other projects already being blueprinted. This is an element that is missing from Theater and Television programs in schools and universities all over. Creating for creations sake, not that either actually prepared me for gainful employment in the first place...

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