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Title: Months and Months
Type: production note
Date: January 20th, 2007

The original title and concept of this show was “The Twelve Months of Katrina,” but time got away from me. Actually it should be “Sixteen Months of Katrina,” but inaccuracy is our hallmark.

Sadly, as I was finishing up this show there was a series of murders in New Orleans. Six people were killed in just 24 hours, including our friend Helen Hill, who appeared in ROX #90.

I thought about adding a seventeen month update to address how things in New Orleans seem scarier and crazier than ever, but ultimately I decided to stick with the program as is. I was anxious about the fact that this production was already four months behind schedule. Also, I was worried tackling such big and emotional issues in a short segment would seem “tacked on.” Perhaps we'll have more time in a future episode.

Remember when this show was all about fun? Will we ever get back to that?

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Created: January 20th, 2007
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