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Title: Weird Messengers
Type: production note
Date: May 26th, 2005


Taken from their bio on MusicalFamilyTree.comThis band played a few shows in Chicago during 2000- 2001. It features PJ Christie and his good friend Joe Ryan with a very cool hard rockin rhythm section of Stevo Vanaria and Joey Werner. The band had begun to gel as a three piece until PJ kind of co-opted them into a recording session on the country over a lost weekend of bonfires, beer, and raising of some old ghosts out of Joe's boyhood home. It was cool, I wish you were there.

"Yea Well Me Too" and "Jiggle Jiggle", used in episode 87, are both Joe Ryan compositions. He was a product designer who had a line of coffee tables, barstools, and star lights. This song must have happened around the demise of Joe's Furniture.

The recording session took place on Mike Padilla's digital 8 track, which was the first time we had tried to record in the mysterious digital realm. That's also why the bass and drums were not as thick as what I would have liked. Mike also played guitar on Jiggle Jiggle.

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