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Title: Renting
Type: review
Date: October 23rd, 2004

a little disapointed in this segment...but it's no ones fault but my's obvious i'd been getting stoned all day, so i didn't start shooting till after dark...too bad because we have a sweet view of all the mountains to the north of the city, even the inside of the apartment gets lost with bad lighting, my pupils were so dialated from the drugs i didn't notice the picture quality was so poor...i owe you all a better tour of my place, but i'll save it for a different context...i'm sure i'll be stoned again but at least i'll shoot in the day time...side note: we measure space in pings here, one ping is about 16 square feet, our rental property is 45 pings...making it about 720 square feet, we pay 27,000 NT dollars a month, one NT-or New Taiwan dollar-equals 34.3 US dollars today...making it about $787 US a month which is only twice what i paid in chicago for a dump the size julie's rox...chicago sux...

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Created: October 23rd, 2004
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