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Title: i check and raise you a timeline
Type: review
Date: October 21st, 2004

Renting versus owning.
ooh, do i have stuff
Squatting and other alternatives.
One of the first words that American kids learn is “mine” (not so in other cultures).
There's a tree in Athens Georgia that owns itself!
no, but was hoping to get stuff of the oldest oak in the US, might have some analog
* Chistiania, the anarchist village that's been in (but not of) Copenhagen for decades, is threatened because of property issues.

i am trying to get to nyc and around [NE and up and down the coast] for a personal project that dove tails nicely, back tracking my old homes.
it would be pre xmas to post new year and i could have a cam or not, but i do have some limited dv at this point.
when do you want stuff by?

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Created: October 21st, 2004
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