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Title: @ diary 3...
Type: review
Date: October 18th, 2004

i had no preconceptions of what ROX #63 would be so it entirely lived up to my expectations....for my part it was anarchy diary #3...not really sure how many of those i actually made back then, there is still one i did as “hicklebury fun” that i've never seen...but thanx to the net i hope i can someday, now ten years after...the clown thing was for the high flyers family circus and was the only show amanda “trickstar” and i “babble” did w/o kevin aka ? i can't remember what his cop clown name was...anyway, it was fun working w/o him that day....don't get me wrong, he's a comic genius, as evident in the cheese's clip from tthat night... but he is, or was, a control freak and it was a breath of fresh air for amanda and i to work w/o him....what you didn't see was the birthday party clown i attacked as he was trying to do some of his lame balloon animals for a group of people that was waiting for our next circus was only my intention to pull down his pants...a classic clown gag...but he was wearing a jump suit, so i ended up ripping his costume to shreads ...sorry?...a little late for that i suppose...i was a very stoned and angry young man during all those b-town years and was only able to hide it in small doses...very small doses, as the years dragged on it became harder to hide...i slowly lost interest in the various friends i hung out with but never lost the steady stream of drugs that would come my way daily in an attempt to suppress my rage deeper in my blackening heart, i guess an “intervention” was considered to right wing? for the liberal b-town communitee at that time...

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Trickstar & Babble
Mime and clown face off.

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Created: October 18th, 2004
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