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possession vs property and 9/10th of the lau(gh)




Title: possession vs property and 9/10th of the lau(gh)
Type: review
Date: October 16th, 2004

genetic tendencies toward “ownership” as in possession tends toward protection and self protection

the illusion of control runs deep
but is moot

possession vs possessions vs self possession

do we lose our right to human rights, in owning ourselves, our thoughts and concepts, in not standing up and asserting them?

did someone take control or did we just lose it
or didn't we know what we could control
because our concepts of ownership and free information access have been controlled

In a lot of ways, i think “property” is an assertion of the effort in trying to take control of things.

But what can you really control?
especially if you're not at the controls?

in most cases the consumer has the most rights to control of all
especially if you vote with every dollar
and sense

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Created: October 16th, 2004
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