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Yep, kinda lame.



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Title: Yep, kinda lame.
Type: review
Date: October 14th, 2004

W. Owen:
Gotta agree with B, this one's not too good.

A few worthwhile moments here and there, but the best part is the previews for ROX #64 at the end (and not just because you can hear me talk about using colorless nail polish to fuck up a car engine).

Media for Yep, kinda lame.:
Pix for Yep, kinda lame.:
Fly Boy
A college student demonstrates the Hoosier response to a video camera. (Note that this arresting image appeared in the "next week" teaser at the end of ROX #63, but it is not to be found in ROX #64 itself.)

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Created: October 14th, 2004
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