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Title: The Episode That Wasn't
Type: production note
Date: September 1st, 2004

Kate Sibley invited us to hang out at her parent's house in Carmel while they were away on vaction. We thought we had a great concept for an episode, “Breaking and Entering.” J dressed like a cat burglar and jimmied the window, and we videotaped a bunch of stuff along those lines.

Later, about half of that footage got taped over by some idiot (probably me), and our plans were dashed. Alas!

I salvaged what I could for ROX #65: the Dead Man's Float and the other pool scenes.

Media for The Episode That Wasn't:
Pix for The Episode That Wasn't:
Better Than Potable
The Dead Man's Float elicits high praise from the very man who mixed it.

Dead Men Sip No Drinks
B samples the Dead Man's Float.

2 Oz. Cognac
J mixes a Dead Man's Float, whilst chilling poolside with the ROX crew in upscale Carmel, Indiana.

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