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Mohawk Sunday ROX #90


Title: Mohawk Sunday ROX #90
Type: production note
Date: August 28th, 2004

This was the most I had drank in any day. By noon I was really drunk . I had wanted to get a mohawk for Mardi Gras and found some people who would be a part of it. I talked Bart into it, but I did not realize he was going to film it.

If I hadn't been so drunk I would not have been acting so naturally. The spectacle was a sponataneous display of thrliing emotion. You weren't there, don't judge me.

Media for Mohawk Sunday ROX #90:
Pix for Mohawk Sunday ROX #90:
PJ Shows His Wits
PJ makes a damn spectacle of himself at the Bacchus parade.

The Mohawking of PJ
Lisa clips; PJ sits; Stacy sips.

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Created: August 28th, 2004
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