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Title: More the Fools We
Type: production note
Date: September 9th, 2003

Back in 1995, we found what we believed to be the Zima homepage on the World Wide Web. We thought it was a great embarrassment to the Coors Brewing Company, makers of Zima, as it bragged about how Zima was “trendy” and suitable for “inexperienced drinkers.” It also listed all manner of horrible recipes such as the Zima Slimeball, which we thought would be perfect for our debut show on the Internet.

Little did we realize that we had fallen prey to a prank, a clever parody contrived by one Ian McFarland. The fact that we'd been duped didn't dawn on us until we were actually videotaping the Zima Slimeball for ROX #85. Of course, that just added a good ironic twist to the whole segment.

The Zima parody page is long gone from the Internet, alas, but we cherish its memory. Ian, wherever you are, this one's for you.

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Green Glass of Grossness
J samples the Zima Slimeball

Zima Slimeball
Victim of a clever Internet parody, J mixes up a Zima Slimeball.

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Created: September 9th, 2003
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