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Title: Back in the Ring to Take a Second Swing
Type: production note
Date: August 19th, 2003

We wanted to start our second season off with a bang. Since we were planning to show the season premiere at the Bluebird nightclub, we knew it had to rock and roll.

Thus ROX #34, “J&B's Freshman Orientation Program,” represents a concerted effort to make our most dynamic and fast-paced episode to date. I'm not sure that we succeeded, but I do know that this show contains one of the most rollicking segments we ever produced, namely my bike ride through Jordan Hall.

On the other hand, the bit called “Wow, Hooks!” is kinda lame. It was an attempt to recreate the excitement of “Wow, Knobs!” which appears in ROX #38. That's right, I had edited #38 before we even shot most of #34. We actually did get ahead of the game a bit during the off season. In fact, when J says “Drink more, smoke more,” he's actually quoting from “To the Graduating Class,” a poem featured in #38.

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