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Urine Good Company




Title: Urine Good Company
Type: production note
Date: August 6th, 2003

Indiana Urinalysis received a Citation Award from the Indiana Film Society in 1990, as a part of their annual Film & Video Competition. It was later featured on PBS, and it is now in the permanent collections of several major universities, including Indiana University's world-renowned Folklore Institute.

Ironically, on the same day that I got the purchase order for the tape from the Folklore Institute, I also got a rejection letter from the same department. I'd applied to study in their graduate program, but they didn't want me. The timing was a complete coincidence.

I'd paid $40 as an application fee, so I charged them $40 for the tape.

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Indiana Urinalysis
Title frame for Indiana Urinalysis.

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Created: August 6th, 2003
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