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Title: Beyond the Veil
Type: production note
Date: July 25th, 2003

The entirety of “J&B Unmasked” was taped at 521 North Washington. You can't tell, though, because we cleverly tacked up one of my black bedsheets in the background, to give a suitably spooky Hallowe'en ambiance to the proceedings.

J makes reference to an article in the Herald-Times that mentions us. I'm not sure what this might have been. According to my files, the first article mentioning our show appeared in February of 1993 — three and a half months after “Unmasked.”

J also mentions that a fan gave him the leather jacket he's wearing. That was just a joke. I think that was my leather jacket, which I got in Sweden. It was pretty filthy. I used to joke that a biker had been killed in it. But it never quite fit properly on my long, long arms.

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